Can someone tell me where all the skills we need are!!!


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Hi everyone,
can someone give me an indication where i can find all the skills we need during the game (like long jump and wall climb). I'am asking this because after i have beat Baraka, i was not able to get the Victory icon and the game told me to get the skill in the WuSHI Academy but i cannot find it. A little help would be very appreciate. Thanks in advance. :p :twisted: 8)


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That portal from Baraka's lair to Wu Shi sticks you right into the area you need to be in; just go through the area up top where you did all the 'test your might' challenges earlier on. When you come to a statue in the water, break it and continue until you see the koin that gives you the ability.

The others should come along through the natural progression of the game without much difficulty. Please use the search function next time as all these things have been covered in great detail.


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No Problem, Remember in the wu shi where everything was on fire? Go back there and climb that house that you did earlier to start the test your might thing that released the water. Now, run along the wall and go like you were doing the mission again, but this time don't jump off of the wall just keep going straight and there is a bid statue in the way...break it and you will find that ability in the secret area. So, to recap, go to area of the wu shi academy that used to be on fire jump on the house like you were going to start the mission, go right to the first big tower you have to jump over and right after that is the statue you have to break. there you go.


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Good things come to those who wait

This is more aimed to those people that ask where they all are while they barely started the game and are big whiney babies... not so much you barf cuz you were only stuck on one