Can someone explain "Noob Saibot" mode in MK4 Revision 3?


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Hi everyone! I just received an MK4 board the other day, and as such I now own every MK arcade game. My collection is complete!

I have a quick question. I accidentally stumbled across the "Noob Saibot" code during the vs screen - 012-012 IIRC. But it has me confused, as it doesn't seem to have done anything, which leads me to believe there's something else that needs to be done first.

Can someone here explain how this code works/what it's supposed to do?
I never played the arcade version unfortunately. Though I recall on the home console versions you had to fulfill certain conditions, then go to "hidden" selection mode, then move in a certain pattern landing on Reiko and press certain buttons. It was complicated...same for Goro.
- Noob Saibot
Beat the game with Reiko. Then at Start a two player game. Do the Noob Code (012-012). Exit the 2 player game. Now, select "hidden" with the Block button. While holding Block, go up to Reiko and press the run button. Keep holding BL and RN until the round starts! You are now Noob!

Google FTW! :biggrin:
I actually believe that's a code for the console versions, as it's listed next to another code that tells you how to play as Goro - who is not in Revision 3.
Pretty sure it does nothing. I believe it was said to have been intended as one part of the way to play as Noob in the arcade versions but was never fully implemented.

Tips and Tricks had an interview in one of thier MK4 guides for the home consoles. It was stated that there is an arcade with Goro. They never said if it was running in an actual machine or if they had just coded Goro into the arcade environment/engine that the teams doing th eports then used.
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I think Noobs character design was sick in this MK4, but his moves sucked. They were similar to MK3 but was weaker. I'm glad more recently he returned with his old moves but I'd like to see the costume where he's maskless and looks like a zombie to return someday.