Building Your Own Arcade Fighting Stick


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I had no idea how horrible the 360's D-Pad was, so, I decided against purchasing the MK Arcade Fighting Stick and now I'm regretting it. I've decided to venture in building my own. As I've never built one of these and have no notion in quality or brands, I'd appreciate any and all advice and wisdom you can give me.


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If you are looking to emulate the MK fighting stick, you will want a Happ brand bat-top joystick and Happ concave buttons. A rotary saw may be needed to cut the plywood squares to make the casing. It also requires a pcb board from a ps3 or xbox 360 controller depending on which console you were making this stick for, and a soldering gun.

Detailed information on making a stick can be found in the technical threads at

A good company called "Arcade in a Box" makes high quality fight sticks in either the MK or Street Fighter button layouts with whatever combo of American or Japanese parts that you want, I ordered a Street Fighter button layout stick from them and it rules. You could check their site, link below. A bit pricey but can save you a world of hassle in getting a quality stick, and they do custom art too.


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I personally prefer the Jap ball top over the bat top, also I would recommend
using Sanwa or Semitsu, I doubt you could get a bat top of those brands though.

As said above you'll need a 360/PS3 PCB, easiest way is to buy a wired controller,
rip it apart, and obviously solder up the new components. Buy a wired controller
instead of wireless because wireless controllers have input lag. When you're buying
the casing, the material you choose should be chosen based on the weight you
want the unit to be, and if it'll be on a desk make sure you get some rubber feet.

Obviously before you start anything you need the required tools aswell.


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Original stock arcade stick was what is now called the IL Eurostick. Just my opinion from 3 cabs and owning 11 console sticks the IL is better quality than the newer Happ-Suzo Comp stick molds. Its the only Comp style stick I throw in US (woodies) style cabs.

If you want more tension on your stick throw most go with Happ Supers. If you prefer ball tops Sanwa has a decent throw and more precision (most JP Street Fighter setups). Semitsu have a shorter throw (most JP Vertical shooter aka shmups setups).

In the end the stick comes down to the feel and input your comfortable with.


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You could also still buy the MK TE edition as well and sell the copy of the game or just buy the MK fight stick. It's available from several vendors.