BrianMinor25's Fatality Idea Komics


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Hello, everyone! It's been several years since I've been on forums and probably none of you remember me, but if you DO know me, then have no fear! I'm not dead, just been busy with life!

So for the longest time I've had a DeviantArt website I've sporadically posted to over the years, but I haven't really shared any of it off-site. So I thought I'd post some of it here!

BrianMinor25 DeviantART Page

Most of my work is meant to be humorous and nonsensical. There's not really a method to my madness. Just madness.

SO these are a little old, but I still think they stand pretty well as good concepts, and I still find myself liking some of these more than other Fatalities that have ACTUALLY made it into the game.

Let's start with a pretty brutal one that's probably my favorite!

Johnny Cage's Reproductive Rip FATALITY

10 POINTS TO WHOEVER GETS THE "GOSKIES" REFERENCE. (And no, it's not just the name of Tony Goskie or that he works for NRS)

Ermac Fatality Idea #1

Ermac Fatality Idea #2

Kano Fatality Idea #1 (#2 was never created... yet)

And lastly, here's my most recent Fatality Idea Koncept that I made just very recently! Tried taking another swing at it. I don't know if the effect I used for falling Kabal was all that excellent, but as long as it conveys the point, haha.

Sub-Zero (Noob Saibot Fusion) Fatality Koncept

All placement and edits of the sprites and backgrounds were done completely by me. ^_^
I tried to make them as up-to-date as possible, with extra blood effects and glowing, "enhanced" backgrounds. The Kano Idea was posted around MK9 so I updated his hair and beard along with Jax's pants to look closer to their look at the time.

Let me know what you think!! =)
He who? Ermac in the Fatality with the arm rip on Johnny Cage? He ripped off his arms and beats him with them. It shows him lifting them up sometimes and knocking him in the stomach in some or on the head in another.

Most of these were made about 5-6 years ago so they aren't all necessarily the greatest quality. Hope that helps!