Bought 2 Machines!!! Pics included


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So I finally picked up my Grid machines the other day. They are so ****ing awesome I still can't believe we own them. They would not fit through my doors so I am currently keeping them in my garage. One machine has some Vertical Hold issues and the other had a keypad that didn't work, I fixed the keypad but the vertical hold issue is still kind of annoying. Anyway check out the pics below. Patrick if you read this, lets figure out a way to network our sets of machines online, the manual says you can have up to 6 machines at once so its probably possible.

The machines cost $600 each, they are running version 2 of The Grid Rom. The controls are still in very good shape.






sorry for the crappy quality pics, I have some videos too, if you guys are interested I'll post em.
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Patrick McCarron

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Do you have access to a scanner? I would love to get a scan of the smaller header graphic that you have on your cabinet. Mine is the GIANT marquee which is very long and wide, nearly impossible to scan.