Bo Rai Cho's moves reduced damage in MK deception/ARMAGEDDON? but not MKDA?

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I noticed that in Deadly alliance Bo Rai Cho was a pretty powerful character but not too powerful. All his combos do much more damage than what they can do in deception and Armageddon?.

Also his special moves are toned down. For example. His special STOMP move could damage from pretty far where as in deception you have to be close to cause damage to your opponent? Same with his puke puddle move. In deadly alliance when he puked it went everywhere meaning bo rai cho had a good chance at making his opponent slip. In deception and Armageddon he pukes a tiny puddle?? making his opponent almost step over it without slipping???? Sounds funny but i don't understand why he has been toned down so badly. His damage wasnt too overpowered in deadly alliance in my opinion. especially for a fat drunken fool.

Thank god MK9 good enough xP