BloodSport War Story-Version 2.0

I will be posting new chapters every 2 days or so. Here's the 1st 2 chapters or episodes:

The Storyline
a. The First Struggle-1,000,000,000,000 B.C.-200 B.C.
b. The Birth of the Sacred Warriors-300 AD
c. Rise of the Dark Lord-March 2005
d. Year of the Assassin-April 2005-June 2005 (BloodSport War: Assassins)
e. The BloodSport War Tournament-July 2005 (BloodSport War)
f. The Deceiving Setup-September 2005 (BloodSport War 2)
g. Day of Redemption-September 2006 (BloodSport War 3)
h. The Phoenix’s Comeback-September 2006 (BloodSport War: Shining Phoenix)
i. Confrontation of the Sacred Warriors-October 2006 (BloodSport War 4)
j. The Universal War-October 2006-December 2006 (Universal War: The 5th BloodSport War)
k. Battle of the Alliances-November 2012 (BloodSport War: Ordinance)
l. The Deadly Comeback-December 2012 (BloodSport War: Agony)
m. Return of a Never-ending Struggle-December 2012 (BloodSport War: The Eternal Struggle)
n. Endgame-December 2013-January 2015 (BloodSport War: Season of Annihilation)
o. International Civil War-May 2025 (BloodSport War X)
p. The Demise of Hope-May 2025 (BloodSport War: The New Age of Darkness)
q. The Final Struggle Part 1: Prelude to Annihilation-June 2025 (BloodSport War: Reincarnated Destiny)
r. The Final Struggle Part 2: Destiny and Fate-July 2025 (BloodSport War: Reincarnated Destiny)
s. Epilogue

The First Struggle:
Before man ever existed, a war began between Heaven and Hell. On one side, the generals of Heaven include Andela and Gabriel, and on the other side, the generals of Hell include the wraith Griladrolio, the war-craver Remug and Satan’s right hand demon, the Hellbringer. When the battle raged on, Hell was winning the battle; leaving the bloods of almost every holy soldier they can kill everywhere. It continued on for thousands of years until man was caught on with peace and flourishing lands. But suddenly, the tides soon turned when Gabriel sacrificed himself to kill the Hellbringer and severely wounded Remug along with disintegrating every demon that is in the way of the solar blast. After discovering Gabriel’s sacrifice and the Hellbringer’s death, a powerful entity known as Lucifer comes out and spread terror to both holy soldiers and demons alike. Realizing what the struggle has done, both God and Satan decided to call a truce between them, ending the never-ending struggle for now and battled Lucifer. It was a hard battle, but fortunately, God and Satan were able to defeat Lucifer and seal him in another dimension and decided to divide the seal between themselves that if something happens to both of them, Lucifer will be free once more. During this time in Heaven, God and the Holy Angel Generals mourn for the lost of Gabriel while in Hell, Griladrolio returned to the 5th Dimension of Hell and Remug fitted his wounds with cybernetic parts, now calling himself Remug-D6. Plus, the priests from both places prophesies the return of Hellbringer will bring forth back the war and tips the scale all over the universe. Knowing this might happen, some of the priests appointed mystic sorcerers, mages and warriors to form their own group known as the Sacred Counsel to prevent that from happening.

The Birth of the Sacred Warriors:
After a few years, a Serpentian warlord known as Serpenzor wanted to conquer the whole universe with an iron fist. He has already taken over 43 planets and Earth is his next stop. Already know his coming, the Sacred Counsel created the 9 sacred elemental powers, but the 5 main elements are fire, water, electric, earth and darkness to stop his progress. After it was created, the counsel chose warriors from all over the world, thus bringing the birth of the sacred warriors, to put an end to Serpenzor’s reign of terror. It was a long hard fight between good and evil, but out of desperation, the sacred warriors combined their powers into one and seal Serpenzor away in a dimensional cage. Not only did they save Earth, but they also freed most of the planets that were already conquered by Serpenzor. Afterwards, the original sacred warriors locked their powers away in a place no one can reach to until the next generation of warriors are chosen to wield the ultimate powers and also entrusted their secrets to a tribe of alien hunters known as the Predators. Only they know where the power is and know when the time is right, to find the next chosen ones to hold the power belonging to good.
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Thanks a lot. Just for this time. A special 3rd Chapter will be showing. Read and comment:

Rise of the Dark Lord:
Now a hundred thousand of years later to present day, although peace now exists on Earth, a strange meteor crashed land on an unknown desert region somewhere in Saudi Arabia. It looked like an ordinary meteor, but inside is filled with absolute evil and when the government tries to extract some pieces of the rock for experimenting, a Japanese Mage forcefully made her way through the barricades and tries to destroy it, but every one of her attempts failed. As a last resort, she sacrifices herself to seal the meteor and create a powerful barrier to prevent it from escaping just in case the seal breaks. After she passes away, instead of going to Heaven, she became one of the elder priests of the Sacred Counsel. Suddenly, a thief accidentally takes the seal off and unknowingly frees a hideous monster from another planet known as a Zorbian. The thief was at one point scared of it, but when it offered a price for freeing it, he was surprised and he wanted to work for it. Before it took him under its wing, the Zorbian asked for his name. He replied “its Edgar McResa” and wonders what its name. It said its name is Vascero. Edgar wonders how Vascero is going to get out of the barrier. Unknown to everyone even for the Mage, Vascero is also a Necromancer, a race who uses devastating black magic, showing it by easily destroying the barrier with a magical bloody sword. Wondering where he is, Edgar guided him around the world to show Vascero the business of the world. All of sudden, Vascero wanted to rule the world forever. First he formed his underground business called Ventruder Inc. After forming it, his criminal empire swept all over Saudi Arabia, and all of sudden starting to spread all over the world becoming one of the top crime organizations of all and every gang now begins to call him the dark lord, because of his shadowy army and unusual black look. Soon after his rise, he took down and killed most world leaders and even civilians, regardless to strike fear on everyone who stands in the way of becoming the most powerful being of all.
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Cool story Vigilante, but imho you should these 3 chapters are confused: too many names and events.
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Sup. A new chapter comin up now and starts on present day. Here it is:

Year of the Assassin:
When crime organizations have competition, they need help from the third party. And that is where the assassins come in to do their client’s duties. Their missions mostly concern with assassination, sabotaging, robbing, and kidnapping. Although they know when to get it done, but the assassins can sometimes pose a threat to even some powerful gangs. Only two are the most powerful assassins of them all and those two are Ahmed Bennett, the fiery warrior who seeks revenge against the gang that is responsible for the genocide of almost his entire family under the name of the dark lord. The only member of his family that is still alive is his uncle, Antonio Bennett 3rd, who is also a great fighter like his nephew. A lot of victims refer to him as the “Hellbringer” because he tortures and burns his victims to death. And the other assassin is Ahmed Bennett’s best friend Raven Dale, who is seeking to become the best just like the other fighters. She is known as the “Killer Widow” because of her seductive ways to kill her victims. One day, they are on their mission with Ventruder to take out a former subordinate of the criminal gang who discovered the dark lord’s secret and escaped the place. So Edgar hired both of them to take this “pest” out once and for all. It wasn’t easy to find them, but when they did, both Ahmed and Raven took care of the problem like it was nothing. On their way back to the organization, they discover Edgar’s secret that his boss is nothing other than the dark lord, both Ahmed’s and Antonio’s sworn enemy. After being discovered, Vascero knew that he must eliminate them two before they find a way to take his company out of business. On the run from the Ventruder army, both Ahmed and Raven knew the mistake that they done and must find a way to redeem themselves. Raven tells him that the only way to do it is to take out the Ventruder Lieutenants in each of the main headquarters around the world. The first two were easy to kill, but the final Lieutenant was very sneaky, but the assassins were more than a match against him. Very furious, Vascero established a plan to take out the entire world’s best fighters and thought how to do it. His right hand-man Edgar had an idea of holding the bloodiest tournament at Egypt and all will meet their death by his master’s hand. Vascero was pleased about the plan and decides to put it to motion. After hearing about the up-coming tournament, Raven had her flashback of how she joined up with Ahmed when he sensed her developing powers and decides to bring her along to train and teach her how to understand her powers better. He was fascinating on how well she’s progressing in her training and decides to partner up with her for the job. Then Ahmed has his flashback about his confrontation and victory over both God and Satan after being in a coma for a month when he witnesses his family’s death and also got shot in the lung by the leader, not knowing that he actually died from the shot, but fortunately, some ancient being comes out of nowhere revives him by giving its genes in his blood, plus replaces his right normal eye with the eye of a dragon. As a reminder of his painful past, he tattooed his forearms with flames and his wrists with Chinese symbols; on the left fist it means “Sorrow, while on the right it means “Vengeance”. Meanwhile, Antonio is having a wonderful time with his new fiancée when he discovered about his nephew entering the tournament. Worrying about him, he decides to enter to stop Ahmed from getting himself killed out there and get him out of this profession for good, plus defeat the dark lord for his family.

ON Tuesday, a new chapter will come. Read and comment as usual.
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I liked this chapter more than the first 3...well done Vigilante!
The only thing that imho would make your story more interesting, is the use of direct dialogs between the characters.
Today's the day for a new chapter to come. Here it is and the huge event going on right now.

The BloodSport War Tournament:
In another part of the world, the Feliciano family wanted Angel Feliciano, who just got into the gang after his initiation, to fight against the dark lord to prove that he is worthy of joining a powerful Hispanic crime organization. Meanwhile, the United Nations summons Ivan Hunter, a German soldier who is learning the ways of close combat, to take part in the tournament to stop the organization for good. At Hong Kong, a former gang leader of the Fou Ni Ren, Hattori Lee Sung, who works in a Chinese restaurant as a waiter, heard about a rumor of the biggest prize goes to the winner of the bloodiest tournament and he decides to enter it so his dream of ruling the world can come true, while Edgar personally invites a woman from Atlanta named Rita Drake, who is seeking revenge on him and the dark lord for killing her husband and child a few years ago. Everyone else enters it to prove they can win that prize, but no one knows that this tournament is a trap for Vascero to find and eliminate the ones who poses a serious threat to his rule. On the tournament day, out of the 100 warriors competing, only 8 warriors survive the preliminary round. The matches are set by random and it’s also the race to see who can reach the palace first. The results of the 1st pair of matches were Antonio eliminated Lee Sung, while Ivan took down and arrested a cybernetic hacker Ripler Evans and Angel was humiliated when he loss his fight against Ahmed. Raven and Rita never fought each other, but they’re halfway towards the palace. Later on, Raven confronted Ivan Hunter, who tells her to leave and let the man do his work, but instead he got booted out of the tournament by her spectral attacks. At the far side 20 feet away from the palace, Ahmed fought against Rita in a quick close combat fight. After Ahmed defeated her, he tells Rita to leave the island, even though she wants revenge against Vascero and Edgar, but when she saw the fire and rage going on in his eyes, she realizes that he wants them more than she does. Before she left, Rita told Ahmed to defeat them for all the people that they had killed for their criminal empire. Ahmed made a promise to her that he will and he ran off, going towards the palace. Raven was the first to reach to the palace and while entering the sanctum to face off against the dark lord, she was confronted by Edgar and they had a quick skirmish against each other. After the fight, Raven was able to take out Edgar for good and now she is finally facing off against the dark lord himself. Outside of the palace, Ahmed is now confronted by nothing other than his uncle. First, they talk about the situation, and then Antonio has no choice but to defeat his nephew in this match, but before the match started, Vascero has announced that the match will now be “the fight to the death” and plus it will be shown live around the world. Even though they both hated this stipulation, what choice do they have? The fight was a hard, long one with no one showing any weaknesses, but in a strange turn of events, Ahmed was able to defeat Antonio in a hard struggling battle to see who will fight the dark lord, and he apologizes to his uncle for what he is going to do to him. After Ahmed killed Antonio by crushing his skull, he gives a moment of silence before he rushes off to face against the dark lord. After he enters the palace, Vascero was pleased to see that Ahmed has made it this far. Before they started to fight, Ahmed wanted Vascero to tell him what his actual name is. He does and also tells Ahmed that he is the second fighter to ever see his face up close and fought him today. Ahmed was confused and he looked all around the room to see who else fought the dark lord. He was shocked to find out that the person who fought Vascero was Raven, badly wounded from her fight and he quickly rushed to her side. After Raven drew her last breath trying to tell him to destroy Vascero while crying in tears, she died. Enraged by the loss of his partner, Ahmed’s power increased a hundred times more, realizing that he will crush Vascero once and for all. The battle now ensued between the two superpowers. It was a very long, hard fight, but Ahmed barely survived the battle and obliterated Vascero into small pieces, becoming undisputed champion of the Bloodsport War tournament. Everyone around the world was happy to see that Vascero is dead, but for Ahmed, it felt like that he loss even more than he won, knowing that he lost two of his most loved ones. After the tournament, he buried both of them at his uncle’s backyard and gave them a long moment of silence and then left the place, venturing to go where no one can find him. Angel leaves the world and heads to an isolated cave, feeling shamed that he dishonor his family and feel that they don’t need him anymore, while Rita went back to Atlanta, knowing that Ahmed has kept his promise and even though it wasn’t by her hands, her family has finally been avenged. Even though he wasn’t able to win the tournament, Ivan was able to put an end to Ventruder Inc. and for extra credit, he got Ripler into custody and plus, Lee Sung ventured out to establish a plan that will make him rule the world. Unknown to everyone, Vascero has a strange ability to regenerate himself even from the smallest piece of his body and then he resurrects Edgar back to life before they left the crumbled palace, trying to figure out what their new plan is, while disappearing into the darkness.

Play this during the climatic battle between Vascero and Ahmed:
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This chapter was intriguing, well done! I just didn't like Ahmed increasing his powers 100 times and Vascero's regeneration (it remembers me Dragonball).
This chapter was intriguing, well done! I just didn't like Ahmed increasing his powers 100 times and Vascero's regeneration (it remembers me Dragonball).

Good catch on, but it's not exactly like that. Besides he only increases his power out of sheer berseker rage and the regeneration doesn't happen right away. You'll find out about it much later on.
I'm back now, so here's the next chapter:

The Deceiving Setup:
It’s been 2 months since Ahmed Bennett won the first Bloodsport War tournament, now he’s residing in an abandoned home, knowing that he doesn’t want to see anyone at all because of becoming famous for his victory over the dark lord Vascero. All he wanted is peace and a way to see his family again, realizing he is now the last member of the Bennett family to be alive. On the other side of America, Ripler Evans is in a military prison, realizing what he didn’t want to be in. He wasn’t excited about his fate when he was sentenced for 10 years, but fortunately, he got bailed out by Fritznel Bernard, a college student whose search for the legendary hacker has been found. Fritznel promises Ripler that he will free him, but in exchange, he must take him and his sister Felicia, under his wing and trained them to become fighters just like him. Not far from the prison is an antidotic drug company run by a Chinese businessman, Chang Pei Wang. Before he ran the company, he was raised in a poor town in China with his parents, but in shocking moment at a young age, his mother died of a terrible, rare disease. He wished he had a way to help his family and all of sudden, a strange light shined on him, changing everything in his life when he dreamed of owning a company that will help people get rid of every disease, even the one that killed his mother. 5 years later, his dream came true, but his cure is still isn’t enough. He needed enough money in order to get the antidote working. He decided to enter just to get money in order for his cure to work perfectly. Meanwhile in London, Wylie O’Haley is chasing after his older brother Paul for killing their own family in front of his face. Now he swore that he will bring his brother to justice once and for all. Somewhere in South America, Deana Sanchez, a young prostitute has run away from home to pursue her dreams of becoming rich by any means and her ex-boyfriend Sean Diabono decides to go after her and bring her home to her parents. While in Asia, both assailants Bing Zha Bei and Yuki Minazumi are battling each other to see which of them is the strongest, but it was interrupted when police surrounded the area. Luckily, they escape and know that they will meet again someday to see who will survive! An unknown sponsor sends invitations all around the world to see who will enter in and become champion this time. Ahmed knows that he has no choice but to enter, because he had to defend his title and honor. Everyone else willingly accepts to prove that they belong in there to win. But, they don’t know is that something horrible not from this world is about to come once the tournament begins and it will be a living hell for the participants. The battle ensued in a new location. Just as they predicted, both Yuki and Zha Bei battled out and it turns out that Zha Bei defeated and killed Yuki in an honorable battle, while everyone else lost in the tournament except for Ahmed and Pei Wang. Pei Wang easily defeats the mysterious being to advance in the finals and confronts Ahmed after he defeated Zha Bei in the semi-finals. At one point, Ahmed was winning, but in actuality, Pei Wang was holding back. When he realizes what he’s up against, Pei Wang’s power increased and started to have blue hair. He was pulverizing Ahmed so bad that he didn’t go all out killing him. Even Ahmed’s rage and fiery attacks couldn’t stand up against Pei Wang’s intense water attacks. Eventually, Ahmed lost the championship to Pei Wang. Then all of sudden, Vascero comes out of nowhere and beats up Ahmed even more before saying “Thank you” towards Pei Wang and blasting Ahmed out of the building along with an evil laugh as he is the one who set up the tournament just to lure his enemy Ahmed out of hiding and get his revenge.

You know the damn deal. Read and comment. Saturday will be the next chapter.
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Now today's the day for a new chapter. You know the role.

Day of Redemption:
After the tournament, Pei Wang won the money for his cure, but was sad that he couldn’t do anything to help Ahmed from Vascero’s assault. He decided to forfeit his championship rank just to continue his work on a powerful cure that he vowed to make. After a year of intense training in the mountains, Angel Feliciano decides to come out and show the world that he is worthy of becoming champion. After when he left the world a year back, a strange light shined on him, giving the ability to use the earth as his source of power. But the price was that his compassionate side was removed, meaning that he will go relentless on anyone without any remorse or second-thoughts. He trained, day and night, to prepare himself for a rematch against Ahmed Bennett for his humiliated loss in the first Bloodsport War tournament. At the desert far from the battle where the second tournament was held, Ahmed Bennett was out cold after the hard beat down by Vascero. It’s been days since his lost, but suddenly, a strange light shined on his battered body, enhancing his fire powers with more ferocity. The price was that his memories were temporarily erased. All he knows are his name and the styles he learned. Not knowing where he lives now, he stays at a family apartment in his hometown, living in it was Latisha Green, a friend that he forgotten when his memories were erased. She realized that he has amnesia and decides to let him stay and help get his memory back. One year later, Vascero decides to make his move and finish off Ahmed by hiring thugs to raid the apartment, but the assault backfired when Ahmed strike back and killed every thug to save Latisha’s family and home. After realizing his fighting styles are dangerous, Ahmed decides to move on and travel to remember everything. After saying goodbye, he went to the woods to find a peaceful master who was willingly to train Ahmed the arts of Hapkido. Thanks to the teachings, Ahmed temporarily forgot the Dragon and Tae Kwon Do styles until he remembers everything. After Ahmed’s departure from the family apartment, Latisha decides to follow him in secret, trying to help whatever she can do. Somewhere in Mexico, a masked wrestler Zanbota the Mighty, was on an undefeated winning streak until he was ambushed by a mysterious gang while the referee’s back was turned and lost the match. Infuriated by it, he swore revenge against the man who screwed his match, while back in America, Fritznel Bernard returned home and was graduated by his master Ripler Evans and his sister for surviving the tournament, although he didn’t win. He wasn’t satisfied by it, so he trained even harder for the chance at winning the championship. Felicia decided since her brother couldn’t do it, it was her chance to shine at the tournament. Even though her brother told her she wasn’t ready, Felicia already set out to prove that she can win the tournament and become better than Fritznel. Upset by the fact that Ahmed defeated his minions, Vascero had a back-up plan. He used his black magic to bring back the only person who rivals his enemy in power: Antonio Bennett 3rd, Ahmed’s uncle. But before he was brought back to life, a strange light shined over Antonio’s grave, losing his sanity to become a truly cold-blooded killer when he was resurrected, but in exchange it gives him a change in element and the power to control darkness itself. When he realizes the enemy he hated so much brought him back to the living, he sided with Vascero. Not because he wanted to be on his side, but all Antonio wants is revenge against his nephew for killing him in the first tournament. When the time is right, he will strike at his enemies, but right now, he’ll secretly be on the dark lord’s side. Afterwards, Vascero send invitations all around the world to compete in this third Bloodsport War tournament to see who will become champion and able to stop him. His right-hand man, Edgar McResa is competing to see which competitor poses a major threat and wipe them out for his master’s will. The other participants are Kim Weaver, a petty criminal who wants to win the prize for her own needs and take out her competition in robbery, and Gempley Lincoln, the man who screwed up Zanbota’s winning streak by allowing his henchmen to interfere and caused him to lose the match. On tournament day, the matches were random and it was the race towards the palace. The results in the first round were that Ahmed easily took Kim out of the tournament, while Edgar took down Felicia because of her ****iness and Zanbota finally got his revenge and snapped Gempley into two. Angel mercilessly beat down Latisha like she was a doll and didn’t care about her well being when all he cared about is regaining his honor. In the second round, Ahmed confronted Vascero’s top dog Edgar and after he won, his head started to hurt as part of his memories have returned although he still doesn’t know everything yet. Even though Zanbota was super strong, he was no match against Angel’s aggressive assault which it caused to knock him out unconsciously. Ahmed went inside the palace to face against the dark lord. When he arrived at the throne room, Vascero was ready, but instead he let Antonio fight this one. After he stepped in, before he began to fight his nephew, he told his ambitious goal to both of them before blasting Vascero with a black ball, disintegrating him into dust and then took his hooded cloak off. Just by looking at his face, Ahmed’s head began to hurt even more and then all of sudden, he remembers everything now and at the same time, can’t believe that his uncle was resurrected, realizing that his sanity is loss. Then the fight commenced, with both fighters at their full strength, strangely both of them got different hair color of their element. The fight was very long and intense. Even though Antonio got some new attacks, he still lost to his nephew. Fortunately, his sanity returned when Ahmed decided to spare his life. Afterwards, he left the palace feeling sad and happy at the same time. Ahmed was able to regain his memories and finally found peace when Vascero is gone, but his victory was short-lived, as Angel barged in the palace and swore that he will regain his honor and defeat Ahmed to become the best fighter of all. Ahmed tried to convince him that he is now tired from his battle against his uncle, but Angel didn’t listen and charged in, thus beginning the final match of the third tournament. It would’ve been a fairly even match if Ahmed was at his full strength, but unfortunately, Angel finally got his revenge by defeating Ahmed to bring his family’s honor back and become the new undisputed Bloodsport War champion.

Tune in on Monday for a special side quest chapter.
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It's a bit early, but for this special time for those, for one time only, I'll be posting 2 chapters in 2 posts:

The Phoenix’s Comeback:
After her fatal beat down by Angel Feliciano in the third tournament, Latisha Green decided to go back home feeling shamed that she couldn’t help Ahmed out for saving her and her family’s life from Vascero’s hired thugs. What she didn’t know that her opponent, Angel was on a vendetta against Ahmed from the first tournament when they faced each other. Then all of sudden, a strange light shined on her, giving her the power to use electricity. The price she paid for these powers were that her dreams in life were sacrificed. Even though she gained was tremendous, the problem was she didn’t know how to control her powers at all. Knowing that Latisha needs to train and understand more about her electrical powers, the light told her to go to China to learn a martial arts fighting style in order for her to control her powers better. A few weeks later, she left home to begin her journey to China to learn how to use her powers a lot better. When she arrived in China, a group of ninja assassins came out of nowhere and attacked her. Latisha was able to fend off some, but due to her powers coming out of control and not knowing how to fight that well, she was easily surrounded. But fortunately, a shaolin monk was nearby and fought off the other ninjas. Afterwards, she thanked the monk for saving her life, but she passed out and the monk carried her to the temple. A few weeks have gone by and Latisha has already mastered the arts of Crane and Phoenix, plus she was able to control her powers better now. Before she had to leave for home, she is challenged by the temple’s master. It was hard, but with her street smarts, she was able to defeat the monk to allow her to pass through the gate. The journey back home was long, but she is willing to do it. While traveling, Latisha was transported to another dimension to battle against the entity to prove she was worthy of having the power of electric. At one point, she didn’t know how to fight it, but using its own strategy against it, she was able to win over and gain more power from it. After returning from the alternate dimension, Latisha traveled east to find a shrine embedded with a phoenix symbol on top of the gate. She entered in to find a maze filled with water. She realizes that she has to be careful or she’ll die from her own powers due to water conducts electricity. When she reached the end, she fell through a hole when she stumbles upon an arena surrounded by 85 feet of water. When she found a way out, a black aquatic dragon comes out of the water and attacks Latisha with all its might. It was a very long, hard fight, but she was able to come up on top and slay the dragon. Afterwards, a spirit rises up and jumps inside Latisha to give her tremendous lightning abilities even travel as fast as lightning. After leaving the temple, she realizes that the way out was actually the gateway to the demon world. She fought a lot of demons to get her way out of the place. At the end, the demon king awaits her arrival and the battle began as it transformed into a much more powerful being. It was long, but easy fight when she shocked it to oblivion. Then all of sudden, a shaolin monk comes out of nowhere and absorbs the essence of the demon king to transform himself into a vicious demonic monk. At one point, Latisha was losing, but when something inside of her glowed, she transforms into a phoenix and destroys the demonic monk with its mighty electrical powers. She escapes the demon world and turns back to normal after she arrived at the Chinese airport. As the plane departs, she looks out the window to see the sunset as the plane flies farther away to the sun, knowing that another journey is on the horizon as she is now a fighter and willing to help anyone in need.

Next one is in the 2nd post.
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Confrontation of the Sacred Warriors:
Soon after the tournament, Angel Feliciano decided to leave to go back home after accomplishing his vendetta against Ahmed Bennett and became the new champion. But after a few hours, even though he knew Ahmed was strong, his soft side returned when he realized that throughout the tournament, he was relentlessly beating opponents who were weak and tired, in which are not his way of winning a fight. After hearing Vascero’s death by Antonio Bennett 3rd, Chang Pei Wang was happy about the news, and by making it up, he send special invitations around the world to those who competed in previous tournaments to come compete in a special royale match at his mansion. Although he lost the match in the finals, Ahmed didn’t care about it as long as Vascero is now gone from his life and he can live in peace. Plus, with his memories back, he returns back to his place to only find out that it is in ruins, thanks to Vascero when he sent out his goons to look for him. Suddenly, a young girl attacked him out of nowhere with her Sais, but not knowing how to use it properly, Ahmed took advantage and easily defeats her. When he tried to get her up, she somehow unleashed a powerful wind that almost blew him away, but he blasts it out with his flames. Now realizing he is strong, she tried to get away, but Ahmed caught her with ease. Before he did anything, he wanted the woman to introduce herself. She tells him that a lot of people just call her P. Instead of taking her to the proper authority, he decides to train her on her powers and her weapons because he realizes the potential inside of her. Suddenly, an invitation was sent to him, plus to Ahmed’s surprise, it was from Pei Wang. After he read it, he trained himself to prepare his rematch against him to prove that he is a force to be reckoned with. When Felicia returned to her place, she began training after hearing her brother’s scolding, while Fritznel became a little more powerful after another year of training. When they both received the invitation, they were excited to compete, plus proving to see which of them is better while Ripler Evans is interesting in seeing this, although he is not competing this time. After failing to win the second tournament, Deana Sanchez was able to defeat her ex-boyfriend, Sean Diabono. In desperate measure, he called the Sanchez Family and asked her older brother, Diego to help him bring her back safely before she gets herself hurt. Diego agreed to help him as he feels he has no choice but to get her back as soon as possible and the only way of doing it is by outsmarting her in her own game. Continuing his pursuit of his older brother Paul, Wylie O’Haley finds out that his nemesis Deon Gonzalez, has escaped from prison and he is on his way to rendezvous with his no good brother. “I figured that he will compete in the tournament as my brother would. Don’t worry! When I get my hands on them, they will be sorry that they felt the wrath of justice,” Wylie said as he figuring out a way to get them. After leaving China, Latisha decides to go back home to tell her family of all the adventures she went through, even though her family didn’t believe most of the parts of her story. When she received the invitation from Pei Wang, she prepared herself and was ready to face anyone, even the strongest ones like Ahmed, Angel and everyone else. Although he regained his sanity and was happy that his nephew saw the light, Antonio was upset to himself that he was brought back to life in this cruel world. He also realizes that his fiancée already married someone else a few weeks after he was killed in the first tournament. Sad about it, he feels like he needs to find his place in this existence, but fortunately, he received the invitation from Pei Wang about the up-coming tournament at his mansion. After reading it, he returns to his intense training, knowing that becoming champion will earn his place in the world. When Angel received the invitation, he knows that it’s time to defend his title as champ and this time, win his matches honorably. As the competitors entered the mansion, a mysterious cloaked figure enters the place and observes the fighters without letting anyone know that it’s there by taking higher ground. Unknown to all of the fighters, this mysterious figure knows something is about to happen during the competition and it won’t be pretty. For now, it is just scouting. After Pei Wang’s compliment speech, the tournament begins with 4 fighters on each side. When the battle started, 7 out of the 12 were eliminated already, leaving only Ahmed, Latisha, Pei Wang, Angel and Antonio, the only fighters left in the competition. Antonio sprung after Pei Wang right away, but he was hit back to the wall by Ahmed’s dashing elbow. Angel was easily defending himself from Latisha’s electrical attacks, but she surprised him by pulling a lightning geyser from the ground. Sometime later, Pei Wang, Ahmed, Antonio and Angel decided to power up to their enhanced levels, each having their element hair color and aura. The four started to blast Latisha out of the way so they can face each other. Realizing their enhanced potential, Latisha couldn’t do anything about it, but after trying a few times to get herself in there, she started to have yellow hair and her powers crackled intense as her aura grew huge. Now knowing she has tapped to her powers, she stunned all four of them with a giant thunder ball. It lasted a very long time and all of them are tired. Feeling desperate, they launch their projectile attack and as the five elemental attacks collided, a gate was created and worst of all, a monstrous humanoid snake being came out of the portal in a very good mood, “Ahhh! I am FREE!” Realizing what they have done, the fighters stopped their battle with each other and started to attack it. Before they could reach it, it attacked them with its steel tail, sending them hard on the ground. It introduced itself as Serpenzor, the warlord who conquered many planets. They continued their attacks, but none are working against him. Feeling annoyed by their puny techniques, he ended it with a huge explosion, sending Ahmed, Latisha and Angel flying out of the mansion in different directions while he captured both Antonio and Pei Wang for its first step of now conquering the universe once more.

Tune in on Wednesday for the conclusion chapter of the first saga in this epic BloodSport War chronicle chapter.
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Here's the final chapter for the Sacred Warriors Saga, aka Beginning Saga. New saga begins on Saturday. And Aso! It was a free-for-all royale final match with 4 male fighters and 1 female fighter, all having their respective element powers, which some received from the Sacred Pillar of Light. Some finally got their powers unlocked, while one has a change in element and one has his powers enhanced. Now here is the chapter:

The Universal War:
When Angel woke up from his unconsciousness, he finds himself standing in the heart of the Sacred Palace, where he set eyes on the ever Sacred Counsel. He’ll be forever changed by this encounter. While amazed, the Sacred Counsel told Angel everything what was happening, even the powers he and others are wielding. Understanding the problem, he decided to do it, and all of sudden he was changed into a whole new outfit, becoming their full-time guardian. Afterwards, he set forward on finding the others and unite together to fight Serpenzor. At Serpenzor’s ship, the warlord’s general, Anathrasher and his lieutenants, Cobriggs and Black Sipromata were awaiting orders from their superior on wondering what they’re going to do with Antonio and Pei Wang after Serpenzor captured them. They wanted to slowly kill them, but Serpenzor had other ideas and wanted to experiment on both of them. After they regained their strength, both Antonio and Pei Wang manage to break free and escape the warship via a fighter jet towards Earth. While understanding that this is no longer a mere fight, but a war, both prepared themselves and that’s when Angel finally caught up to them. He told them everything he knows from the Sacred Counsel. Now knowing what’s going on, Antonio and Pei Wang were now more determined to stop him from conquering the universe. Meanwhile, somewhere far from Pei Wang’s mansion, both Ahmed and Latisha were taken up by a group of mysterious alien hunters to their spaceship, their intentions are still unknown. On a mysterious planet, a strange being who only knew death was killing every rebel in his sight. His name is Neecroma Tragu and he’s out to kill anyone. He was hired by Serpenzor himself to deal with his enemies, regardless of whoever it is. Although Neecroma works alone, he was forced to work with Paragonia, a bio-electrical entity that absorbs any electrical matter to sustain its life. On another planet called Vratune, two wild alien kid brothers, La’Min Gunet and Du’poa Gunai was on the run from D’Ariega, a crazy intergalactic police officer who is willingly to catch both of them by any means necessary. La’Min was known for his bladed attack while Du’poa was good at shooting. They’re wanted all over two galaxies, and the intergalactic police department is trying to capture both of them, but have failed many times. D’Ariega was the only one who is willing to catch them at all costs, because his reputation is falling and sooner or later, he’ll lose his badge and honor. When Ahmed woke up, he was amazed where he was, and then the leader of the group introduced itself as Akdrenodri and plus, it explained everything what was going on. It also told him that they were the Predators, a race who takes pride on hunting worthy species around the galaxy. After hearing about it and the story about Serpenzor and the sacred powers, Ahmed prepared himself and went on to find Serpenzor and face him head on. A few moments later, Latisha wakes up and notices that Ahmed has ventured out to face the menace himself. So she prepares herself and left out to search for him. After she just got off the ship, Latisha was ambushed by Neecroma. It looks like he was after her knowing she would be the easiest to defeat, but when the battle commenced, Latisha caught him with a few electrical blows. Neecroma now realizes that he has to go all-out or be killed, but unfortunately, things were not in his favor when Latisha unleashes her sacred power attack and completely obliterated him to a crisp. She was surprised to have unleashed a vicious attack like that and then she traveled off in search of Ahmed. Akdrenodri just received report from the scout that the other tribe, leading by Tormakot, has allied themselves to Serpenzor. It realizes now that the war is bigger than it thought. Akdrenodri now has a score to settle with Tormakot for betraying their kind. Meanwhile, Angel arrived at Serpenzor’s military base at a metal planet, where he confronted both Cobriggs and Black Sipromata. Both were tough, but not tough enough for them for a victory. Angel just took out his weapon, used his sacred power to destroy the whole base, including the army, Cobriggs and Black Sipromata along with it. Now with the majority of the army destroyed, Serpenzor’s conquest will diminish sooner and it will take months for him to gain back what he lost. Antonio and Pei Wang have arrived at Serpenzor’s warship to destroy him, but were delayed by Paragonia. Pei Wang decided to battle it, while Antonio moves on and go after Serpenzor. A few moments, General Anathrasher stopped Antonio on his tracks with his tail. Now with two battles going on, things are not going well. But fortunate, Antonio somehow used his powers to open a black hole that sucked both Paragonia and Anathrasher. With both obstacles out of their way, now it’s on to the Serpentian warlord, but was ambushed by Serpenzor himself and they were captured once again. Ahmed had no idea of where to find Serpenzor, but fortunate as he defeats each of his regimens, he gets closer of getting to the warlord and going to stop him for good. Latisha has made it, but had a quick confrontation with Tormakot. Unfortunate, Tormakot had the advantage and defeated her with ease. It took her to Serpenzor as a gift for his loyalty to the Serpentian. He was pleased, until Angel ambushed both of them with a surprise attack. Too bad that it didn’t work and he was captured as well. When Ahmed finally arrived, he was greeted by Tormakot for a fight, but Akdrenodri will fight in his place instead. Ahmed thanked it before going inside the ship. Akdrenodri was not happy what Tormakot has done. When both Predators battled, it was hard, but a short one. Akdrenodri was able to defeat Tormakot and send it out towards space, knowing its battle is over, but still has work to do. Inside of Serpenzor’s warship, Ahmed traveled through the halls, only to find out that his comrades were trapped in experimentation tubes in the Inner Sanctum. When he got in, Serpenzor was waiting for him to come. Ahmed challenged the Serpentian warlord in a battle which the stakes are very high. Serpenzor accepts and then, the battle commenced. At first, it was pretty even, but Serpenzor turned it to an advantage when he took out his weapon and attacked Ahmed. Ahmed dodged every attack but eventually fell for one of Serpenzor’s special moves, the Serpent Fang. Serpenzor started to land almost every single blow he threw at Ahmed. Not only tired, but severely hurt, Ahmed tried his best to stay in the fight. His comrades were shocked that they can’t help him by where they’re at. But suddenly, out of desperation, Ahmed powered up to a level that no one can believe. Angel was surprised to see that Ahmed has reached the ascension level of his sacred power. Then he started to charge at Serpenzor with every might he had in him. Serpenzor couldn’t keep up with Ahmed’s speed and he’s now starting to lose the battle. After he sends the warlord far back, Ahmed freed the others from their tubes. Angel told them that they can combine their powers to seal Serpenzor back, but Ahmed had other plans. Suddenly, he started to charge something in his right hand and told the others to give him all they can give. Serpenzor realizes that the sacred warriors were going to seal him again. He won’t give up that easily and suddenly fire a strong blast from his mouth trying to stop them from firing their shot at him, but Ahmed fired his attack in just the nick of time for a showdown. Realizing that Serpenzor’s acid blast was powerful, Ahmed gave everything he got and his blast now became an enormous dragon and eventually overpowered the blast and the warlord himself. When the blast hit Serpenzor, it didn’t seal him, but destroyed him instead, not only ending his reign of terror, but the war also. The warriors were celebrating their greatest victory ever.
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Very interesting. I like the council idea and the elemental powers in chapter 2. Good job. May I reccomend a timeline at the end of each saga?
As promised, a new saga for this new chapter, which is called "The Coming of Armageddon" is about to start now. Here's the new chapter:

Battle of the Alliances:
At the volcano in Hawaii, a lot of people were at an event because it turns out that Ahmed was being placed in the mouth of the volcano. A lot of sadness was going on because the lost of a great hero; even his closest friends and allies were there to be shocked to see this. A flashback occurred at Serpenzor’s warship after the sacred warriors defeated Serpenzor once and for all. Ahmed was looking out the window and his comrade told him if he was coming. He says he’ll be there shortly, but when he started to move, he was confused on what’s going with his eyes due to the blurriness and not walking straight. When he started to feel his body and soul, he now realizes what’s going to happen to him. Antonio asked his nephew if he’s coming or not. Ahmed replied “Sorry! But I can’t go anywhere with you.” Then he dropped to the floor. They were shocked to see him go down. Latisha rushed to him and asked what’s happening to him! It turns out that Ahmed not only used all his energy, but also his life force into that powerful blast. They couldn’t believe that he done that instead of sealing him, but Ahmed wanted to end it once and for all. Ahmed was glad that he’s done something for the greater good, although it cost him his life. While still down, Ahmed told the others to help build a better world for all of us. Suddenly, his heart stopped. Tears started to come out of the heroes’ eyes as they couldn’t believe he’s dead. Back at the present day, as the coffin slowly drops to the lava, the whole world was mourning, before they left silently and depressed. Another flashback is now occurring, but this time, it takes place 2 weeks before the funeral when Antonio, Latisha, Angel and Pei Wang is at a mansion, not for celebration, but for a meeting. Antonio called this, wanting to hold a truce between the other sacred-powered warriors and form an alliance with each other to help rebuild the world for his nephew, Ahmed’s will. They all agree and a group known as the Chivalry Saviors was born. Shortly thereafter, Latisha was on her way home, still depressed about the lost of her best friend, when she encounter a woman who was having trouble focusing and practicing, due to the lack of the guidance of a master. She went up to the woman, and suddenly she recognizes her as Ahmed’s student, P. Realizing without a master to guide her, Latisha decided to put P under her wings and train her. Six years later as the world’s slowly rebuild, Lee Sung surprisingly came out of the shadows with two dangerous materials, “Finally, I’ve found the two materials, one is the skin of the dark lord Vascero and the other, recently is the fang of the Serpentian warlord, Serpenzor. But, in order for my plan to work, I need one more thing and I think this is a good time to do, but I can’t do it alone.” Knowing that doing this by himself will be difficult, he decided to form an alliance of his own for his dreams to come true. First he went to France, to search for anyone who got connections when he bestowed upon Guy DeTidralic, an underground merchant, who recently is now captured by the police and is now taken into custody. When arrived at the precinct, Guy realizes the trouble until Lee Sung shows up and slaughtered every officer within. After he was saved, Guy joined him willingly as payment for saving his life from the law. He took Lee Sung to an underground mansion where an old friend resides there. When this person opened up, it turns out to be Dee Mortai, a noblest who belongs to a long-line of thieves and mercenaries. When Guy talked to him about the situation, Dee Mortai somehow agrees and joins their conquest of which is now reviving the long forgotten demonic commander, the Hellbringer and rule the universe. The next person they recruited is a petty criminal Kim Weaver when she greatly decided to join for the big payment of money. Lee Sung’s first move is to let his troops invade Ahmed’s grave and take his body so they can transfer the dark part of his soul to the demonic commander, but before they can do the ritual, they must kill the fabled Sacred Counsel to lift the protection seal off the demon’s corpse. Somewhere back in California, the Bernard siblings have finally mastered their training from Ripler Evans. Felicia has mastered it in a defensive way, while her brother, Fritznel mastered every part, even some techniques that his master couldn’t do. Very proud of his disciples’ progress and dedication, Ripler decided to head back home to Spain, to find a new purpose in life, but unfortunately, his life was cut short when the dark assassin Bing Zha Bei came out of nowhere and killed him, although Ripler was able to fend off and wound Zha Bei before falling to the floor. While on his back to a party, Fritznel was shocked to see his master fallen with a lot of blood loss. Very sad to see this, Ripler told his student to defeat the assassin for his will. After he drew his last words, Ripler died from the wounds opened from Zha Bei’s fatal assault. Angry about this, Fritznel swore revenge against the man who killed his master. He immediately told Felicia what happened and then afterwards, they both buried their master and ventured out to get the killer who killed their master. Meanwhile, in London, Wylie O’Haley is after his brother once again after finding out that Paul has escaped from prison after their last encounter with each other at Pei Wang’s mansion 6 years ago. Although both were defeated, Wylie was more than happy to finally take his brother to justice. Now that he’s out once again, Paul decided to join the group Lee Sung formed a while ago. Lee Sung gladly accepted him in. Now that his plans are in motion and have the right people to do it, he now calls his group the Treachery Knightmares. Back in America, Rita Drake was living her normal life after she competed in the first tournament to seek revenge on Edgar and the dark lord Vascero for killing her family, although it was Ahmed who finished them off. After hearing about Ahmed’s death, she was one of the first people who attended his funeral. Feeling inspired about his courage, she decided to become a hero for his honor, but was quickly defeated by a mysterious person who used ice powers against her. Rita was beaten badly to the ground, and swore that she’ll find this person and give him a million stabs to death. Somewhere at an alternate dimension, Raven Dale is healed up by the Sacred Counsel after her apparent death in the first tournament by Vascero and was taken in by them for healing. She was given more power than she could ever imagine. After hearing about Ahmed’s death, she was crying as she couldn’t believe what happened, but stopped shortly after sensing that his spirit didn’t depart from his body. She realizes that Ahmed has somehow cheated death and Raven decides to head back to Earth to find and challenge Ahmed to see who’s stronger. Lee Sung ordered his lackeys to head towards the volcano and steal the coffin, but the Saviors stepped in time to fend most of troops. There were too many for the heroes to fight off that some have made it through their defense. By the time the coffin is picked out of the grave, the body was gone. Couldn’t believe what was going on with the situation, the lackeys retreated. Antonio noticed a familiar mark on one of the Knightmare minions and realizes that the battle is going to be bigger than he thought. Ivan Hunter is now General of the Army he’s in and it’s now having a comfortable life after he took out Ventruder 7 years ago, even though he lost in the tournament. When he heard news about the Treachery Knightmares invading Ahmed’s grave, he tried to get there as fast as he could. But he just missed the action. When he looked at the grounds, he realizes that this might be his last mission due to the fact that he might not survive when he encounters the gang. The Saviors have finally found the gang and defeated them, but it turns out that the lackeys were decoy while Lee Sung and the others head through the portal towards the Sacred Palace to slay the ever fabled counsel. When the good guys realized it, Angel rushed to get there before it’s too late, but when he arrived there, it was too late. The Sacred Counsel was slain down for good. Angel couldn’t believe what has happened and wished it was different if he was there to defend them. Antonio got him back to his senses and now realizes what the Knightmares are up to when he found a lackey and made him talk by threatening to end his life if he doesn’t tell them what his leader is up to. After finding out, the Saviors made it their top priority to stop Lee Sung and the Knightmares from capturing Ahmed and using his dark soul to resurrect the Hellbringer. Both Fritznel and Felicia have found Zha Bei somewhere in the Himalaya Mountains and they challenged him for revenge that he killed their master. It was a hard struggle; even Zha Bei is giving them a rough time for a while. But Fritznel was able to pull an ace and wounded Zha Bei, hoping he would die in the cold. Although their master has been avenged, unfortunately, the siblings are now lost and have no way of getting out of the never-ending cold.

On Tuesday will be new chapter posted up. Read and comment as usual. Appreciate it you all.
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