Birmingham NEC Final Report


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OK, so it's not much of a report. Got a busy day with kids and fixing computers lol.

I competed and got knocked out of the first round. Was a great time with some ultra crazy matches and Ryan Neal of the UK got the European title! Woot that's how we do it in the UK!

Was pretty much Scorpion all over the place, with a bit of Mileena and Sub-Zero for good measure. Johnny Cage was banned due to an exploit in the build we were using. Had my first go at Reptile too (more practice needed).

Want to thank all the kind words I got from forum peeps. Was a great day all round, looking at the latest tech.

Oh and all the UK contestants get a copy of the game early! Should be getting mine Wednesday the latest. I'll be happy with that and my new MK shirt. :)
I bet you that I get my KE from Gamestation before you receive ur free copy. lol I got MVC 3 a day earlier... :)
Going by the "experience" from the Belgian contestant this tournament was a complete joke organisation wise.
Banning johnny cage due to a glitch but allowing scorpion who also has a glitch and lots of people use?
Also the rules were only given by a status update on their facebook page?

Congratulations to the winner nonetheless but looks like the organisation could have been better.
was definately an awesome weekend although me and my bro got stuck on the trains the day before for hours haha

so stoked to have won it all though!