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Man that movie SUCKED. Although Farrel was pretty funny. If u like him see it, if not, dont bother.


what, the movie was hilarious. i laughed so much. will ferrell is great! i didnt like the show at all, but its not really the sitcom made movie, its much more. steve carell's cameo had me laughing so much. well thats all.


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Never really cared for the series in the first place, so I have no interest in watching the movie. And Jade, you make it sound like you were going to go see the movie. If so, why did you just express your disgust with it?

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the_sim said:
Has anyone else seen this movie yet? It's a muct see for Will Ferell fans!

I saw it with my best friend. I thought it was hilarious. Ferrel was great and so was Carell's cameo as Uncle Albert. I also like Kidman's acting, and she was perfect for the role. I also want to say Michael Caine was absolutely ridiculously funny.

So here's my advice: :D If you like Ferrel, Kidman, or the original TV series, this a great movie. If not, don't bother because you won't like it.