Best Movie Ever. Made by me


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Hope you people like it. It was a blast to make:

<a href=> MKWF Episode 1 </a href>
Prophet said:
Should I make more videos? Not necessarily of that theme
yeah,I think you should make more.I used to do stop motion with my wrestling figures..maybe you could try doing a bit of stop motion :wink: .try for a bit better lighting was way too dark..I laughed my ass off at the music you chose for both wrestlers entrances and the flashlight being used for the moving lights in the ring during the rocks enterance.
Yeah.. stop frame was going to be my next idea..but I couldn't figure out how to capture it as images...

EDIT: Also, It was suppose to be crappy about it.. that was the funny thing.. it took no effort to make it- ohh headache.tyylleennooll
LMAO,nice ending..I should probably do some shit with my digital cam..ain't got a host though.I'll figure something out old stop motion shit was just like that except I couldn't add sound or anything..I just did it with a normal VHS-c camera..really old one I could probably do much better..problem is I don't have too many action figures anymore :cry: .
Its meant to be undynamic, and crappy.. for example, when the table dramaticlly walks off, and the ladder comes in, same with The Rock's corpse

EDIT: Here are the action figures I used:

The Rock
Liu Kang (Shirtless dude with black pants)
Chuck Norris (Guy on GI-JOE Vehicle)
GI-JOE Vehicle
Hey Prophet, could you post a link that isn't forbidden?

Or my shite is just jacked up :(

Liked the first one though