Behind the Kombat Session 4: Original Concepts


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Throughout both seasons of my Fanfic, I've added different and unique twists to the roles and personalities to each and every character in the series. At the same time, I also created new OCs that would fit into the story. Here is the Behind-The-Scenes look at the creation of my fanfic: Mortal Kombat Mythologies.

===Session 4: Original Concepts===
In all honesty, only 2 original characters were planned for this series; Knightwolf and another that will be announced in the final chapter of Season 2. But as I went on with season 1, I started think up more and more OCs for the story. Some of those creations can be explained here.

Many have believed that Frost was Sub-Zero's sister. So I wanted to break that rumor by giving Frost a sister of her own, which brought us to Shelia. Her story is similar to that of Sub-Zero's, just with different people. Frost was killed by the Sisterhood of Shadows, and she wants to get revenge. She is now under the alias of Frost around her Lin Kuei members, but she is still Shelia while ruling under the revived Shirai Ryu Clan. I wanted get to replace the original frost in a new way, which led to her creation.

I never planned to make this character before I though of the Fanfic. It was actually a mistake. I was trying to draw Nightwolf and it looked like a female, but it actually looked cool. Afterwards, I decided to make it an actual character. She is the younger sister of Nightwolf. I created her to add a new Shaman character into the game. I actually loved to concept of it and added her into season 2. Her role will be very important in the future.

That's right. You heard correctly. Hornbuckle will officially be part of the MKR universe. Although his name was given to him by fans, his story and lifestyle is completely original. He was said to be a green palette swap of Lui Kang, so I decided to make him Lui Kang's brother. I wanted to add him because I never really seen a reason to add Lui Kang into the fray just to save Outworld. So Hornbuckle is going to give him a true reason; one that you'll never see coming. I have big plans for this character. So don't just think I'll kill him off.
Now that I've [finally] completed Session 4, I will start work on the next chapters to both fanfics. They are guaranteed to be released this weekend, I promise.