Behind the Kombat Session 3


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Throughout both seasons of my Fanfic, I've added different and unique twists to the roles and personalities to each and every character in the series. At the same time, I also created new OCs that would fit into the story. Here is the Behind-The-Scenes look at the creation of my fanfic: Mortal Kombat Mythologies.

===Session 3: Netherealm===
The Netherealm is a high ranking punishment for evil souls. Depending on your evilness from before you die, you can be sent to one of 60 different planes in which the lowest plane is the worst and the first plane is a utopian type punishment away from family and friends only to serve Quan Chi.

In Deception, it is said that Ashrah was a servant to Quan Chi before she denied him. That's why she is an antagonist. She was always behind the scenes, so I gave her an huge role. Her task was to find the map to Shinnok's amulet. She created the Shirai Ryu by secretly killing the Old creator, who was never seen by anyone in the Klan or the Lin Kuei. In Deception, she was pure good with the Kriss. So I decided to make her pure evil in this Fanfic. She is unmercifully even though she seems to show mercy to her enemies. And her rivalry with Ermac has been greatly elaborated on.

Shes actually not my favorite of the 3 because I like them better when they're together. But she will be the sub-boss in my upcoming game MKR. I wanted to give the 3 assassins a huge role in the game for an upcoming surprise, so I decided to make the expansion Fanfic "Mortal Kombat: Sisterhood." I also made them alot younger to give them a sense of growth, deception, and beauty. Each of the 3 girls have a different personality. Sareena is Calm and mostly hits one liners, Kia is cheerful and talkative, and Jataaka is ruthless and sarcastic. But all three have one goal: To go back to Earthrealm.

Yes, I've been watching MK Conquest lately and I wanted them in the storyline too. They'll retain their personalities, but with the other 3 assassins in the fray, they will be at a constant rivalry. Mika in particular won't be Quan Chi's lover, but she will still have feelings for him even though he does not care. She might have a bigger role in the future, but neither her nor her allies will be in MKR.

Alright, the last session will be none other than the OCs. This will be very interesting as I have made many of them in this series. I hope you enjoy them.

(Next Release-Session 4: August 18th 2012)