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Throughout both seasons of my Fanfic, I've added different and unique twists to the roles and personalities to each and every character in the series. At the same time, I also created new OCs that would fit into the story. Here is the Behind-The-Scenes look at the creation of my fanfic: Mortal Kombat Mythologies.

===Session 2: Earthrealm and Allies===
Earthrealm never seemed like it was actually Earth. I'm still wondering how Sonya and Jax have superpowers when Stryker has none. Regardless of how it is, I made the residents of Earthrealm more human. The allies of Earthrealm aren't as human, however. The only things inhuman about them are their long lifespans and their weapons, which have powers in them. Sindel is the only one who has supernatural powers and you will find out why.

Human in Nature and talents. No longer will she be using a flower blast from her hands. Sonya is all human. But just because she has no powers does not mean that she can't use the Kiss of Death. In her grenade pouch, she has alot of special flower petals. When she kisses them, it's only to throw her opponents off. But when an opponent comes into contacts with the petals, their life force begins to slowly drain from them. Depending on the type of petals they are, Sonya can use the as a person explosive gasoline. She's still tough, and hard as nails. Her concern is more on her job and less on her companions however.

===Noob Saibot===
I know what you all are thinking; "Why in God's name did you make the original Subzero have the name Noob Saibot?" The main reason is something I can't reveal right now. But also, I just didn't want to have too many ice warriors in the story. Subzero and frost was enough, and he is already a master at using his Ice powers. So he went on to study shadow sorcery, which is my reason for making him Noob Saibot. He still acts as an antagonist at most times, but he's still sorta a good guy. He's also the top recruiter of the Lin Kuei and will have to face off with Sektor one day to see who will become the new Grandmaster once the old one perishes.

She killed almost every hero in MK9 without much effort, so no need to ask why she easily killed Ermac so many times. So far, she was the protagonist who was killed by Ermac. Those who heard about my game know that she will return as an Antagonist. Since every playable character from Edenia used weapons the possessed special abilities, except Rain who I gave 2 katanas based on his image in his bio trailer, I decided to make Sindel the former Elder Lord of Edenia since she used genetic powers instead of powers with weapons. Her Sound Blast that she creates in her hands was a bod at her fatality where she screams into her hand and puts the scream ball into the opponent's head. Also, I changed her death suicide into a KIA to make it affect not only Kahn's claim for Earthrealm, but also his claim for the remaining Realms.

That's all for session 2. If you have any questions, comments, or requests on what you would like to know more about, just let me know. You can make requests for both session 2 and the upcoming session 3.

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Session 3 is coming, and it's Netherealm time.
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I will have it in the AM, and more things to come for the MK: Sisterhood Fanfic as well as the MKR fan game.