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===Behind The Kombat===

Throughout both seasons of my Fanfic, I've added different and unique twists to the roles and personalities to each and every character in the series. At the same time, I also created new OCs that would fit into the story. Here is the Behind-The-Scenes look at the creation of my fanfic: Mortal Kombat Mythologies.

===Session 1: Outworld===
Outworld was no different from how it always was. I got most of it's inspiration from the second MK movie and MK9's Story. Its history and census is a bit different in a way, however. Shao Kahn isn't as serious, but he is still ruthless. Shao Kahn's motives are actually for a good cause, but the way he does it is not so sincere. To find out his true motives, you'll have to wait until a later day. For now, let's just talk about some of the characters that are part of Outworld.

The major fact that Ermac was my favorite character had me make him the Main Focus of season 1. His main inspiration came from MK9. During every cutscene he has, he seems like the strongest character in the Storyline, until of course you beat him in a match. So instead of starting him off as a powerful warrior created by a fusion of souls, I wanted to make him more human. So he starts off as a top ranked Shirai Ryu Member who's entire unit was killed, but he gained minor immortality from the souls Shao Kahn put in him. More souls equaled more immortality, something I though of while watching FMA: Brotherhood. One major thing I gave him was the strong rivalry between him and Ashrah, which was only moderately seen in Deception. Since she is actually evil during this timeline, she isn't trying to kill Ermac to leave the Netherealm, she's trying to kill him in an act of revenge (Season 1 chapter 2). And why is he named Ermac? Well since his made the Error in the entire timeline by starting the Shirai Ryu Before the Main Timeline's leader, he was named Ermac for the joke of it.

For a long time, I've been Thinking about what if Outworld had a different champion; one that is not as big as Goro but not as weak as a normal kombatant. I've thought up a new idea on how I would do the champions of Outworld. Instead of using the original champions, I will be using a new set of champions. Reptile was the one I decided to use first. His strength in my story is far superior than that in Ed Boon's version. If you've read chapters 3 and 4 in season 1 you'd know the true strength and story of Reptile, and when chapter 6 In season 2 is released you will see why Reptile was the best choice. A new addition I gave him was harden skin, which I based on his tough looking scales. In the upcoming fan game I'm working on, these scales will be part of his sub-boss armor.

In all honesty, I believed Sheeva's story was good, but not that great. I liked the fact that she was royalty, but I still didn't see a point in her being a fighter for Shao Kahn (other than to be a playable Shokan). So I added a big twist to her story. In Armageddon, it is said that the Shokan won the war against Motaro's race. In my story, the Shokan actually lost before Kahn even became the emperor. I wanted to give her a story that not only shows how much she is needed, but also why she fights for Shao Kahn. Motaro's race attacked their entire Realm, killing every single Shokan alive. Kahn promised to save her and 2 others if she would join him, but it can't be her mother and father. She chose Goro and Kintaro, who I made into her personal bodyguards instead of one male and one female. She was only 11 years old during that event, so she didn't know anything about making babies. In the future of the events, she learns that she is barren and that she was the only female Shokan left. I gave her the type of story that makes readers say, I don't want Outworld to win, but I don't want the Shokan to be extinct. Their race will trade places with the saurians, who still have lots of members in their race left.

That's all for session 1. If you have any questions, comments, or requests on what you would like to know more about, just let me know. You can make requests for both session 1 and the upcoming session 2.

Which of these would you like to see in Session 2?
-Earthrealm and Allies
-Original Concepts (OCs)

(Next Release-Session 2: August 9th, 2012)
That was pretty cool, I really love how each section is very informative. Looking forward to more Fan Fic from you bro.
Thanks iViTal.

Also, the next session's theme will determine which Fic I will make a new chapter for. But don't let that affect your vote.

Original Concepts = MK Mythologies
Netherealm = MK: Sisterhood
Earthrealm and Allies = Secret Surprise
The next Session will be "Earthrealm and Allies!" Like this session, I will only be choosing 3 characters. Any Suggestions?

-Noob Saibot
-Hydro (Exclusive)
-Raskal (Exclusive)