Befriending the Blackout

I just wanna say good effin job on your persona story i've just started reading so i'll post later on on your latest update
Shira, this fan fic is fudging awesome, keep up the good work.

Thanks fellow Gear :mullet:

Designing Personas is tough, lol I feel like a game designer and shit. And then I need to design their shadow versions too. It really is tough, but fun work but I really like how my Persona came out. It's actually inspired by a Persona in the game.
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Only IVital understands me <3

But I have no idea what Arcana/Persona that dude is getting. And he wasn't very helpful when I asked him some questions >_>
Update 5

My shadow began to walk closer and closer to us, sporting a smug grin on its face. It looked exactly like me except for the dark blue aura it emitted around it and it also possessed a pair of golden yellow eyes. I looked over at Rise who was standing her ground next to me when suddenly my shadow began to speak. Its voice was a replica of mine but with a dark, background tone to it. “So, never thought you’d end up here.”

“I already know what you are. My…shadow.”

“Oh? Really? Well, you have to be enjoying yourself right now, just because you’re away from home.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You know exactly what I mean. Don’t play dumb. You’re just glad to be out of that hellhole of a house. You didn’t invite everyone over to be nice, you just invited them over to keep your home life off your back.”

“That’s…not true! I just wanted to make some new friends!”

“Ha! What a bunch of bullshit. You act all cool, calm, and collected in school but you’re just hiding your true feelings of your hatred for your home life. Because it SUCKS more than anything!”

“Shut the hell up! You’re wrong! You don’t even know me!”

My shadow began to burst out an evil laugh before saying, “Know you? KNOW YOU? I am a shadow, the true self. I AM YOU!”

“No! You’re not! I’m not like that! I don’t just make friends to avoid my problems!”

“Say that again! I dare you! Deny me! Say I’m not you!”

“No, Joseph! Don’t say it!” Rise yelled out to me.

I shouted at the top of my lungs in a fierce mix of anger and frustration, “YOU’RE NOT ME!”

My shadow laughed even harder as the dark aura around it began to expand. “Yes! Yes! That’s exactly what I wanted to hear!” It then shouted as the cloud of dark aura covered it, as it began to transform. When the aura disappeared, a huge figure took its place. It looked like a male angel but with black wings. It also had a blindfold on and held a scale with grey replicas of my new friends on one side and a crude replica of my home on the other. My shadow’s voice began to emit from it as the figure adjusted the armor it wore, reminding me of the armor Conquistadors wore but it was unpolished and dented in many spots. “I am a shadow, the true self.” The huge figure reached behind its back and drew a rapier, holding it in its right hand, scale in its left.

I fell back, being under tremendous shock when suddenly, Yu appeared in front of me, wielding a large katana.

“Senpai!” Rise yelled in a happy tone.

“We got your message. Stay back, Rise and give us support. We’ll protect him, right Yosuke?”

“Right! You can count on us, Joseph! Throw-down! Persona!” Yosuke summoned what looked like a tarot card above him and jumped into the air, slashing it with one of his kunai knives. His Persona, Jiraiya appeared and delivered a strong wind attack that shone bright green to my shadow, causing it to stagger back before speaking again.

“Why are you even protecting this pathetic piece of shit? Just allow me to put him out of his crappy misery and take his place!” My shadow rose up its rapier and lunged its arm forward, aiming for Yu who quickly dodged it before adjusting his glasses.

“Senpai! It’s weak against electricity!” Rise yelled from behind me. I was shivering but I did my best to turn around and I saw Rise with her Persona next to her. Her face was full of determination as she used her Persona to analyze the battle to provide support.

Yu summoned his tarot card and crushed it in his hand, saying, “Persona!” A flash of light appeared and Yu’s Persona, Izanagi was summoned. Izanagi summoned a bolt of lightning from above my shadow, causing it to descend rapidly and hit its target. My shadow let out a shout before falling to its knees, its weakness being exploited.

“You ready, partner?” Yosuke asked cheerfully. “Let’s get em’!”

Yu and Yosuke both shouted, running towards my dazed shadow, commencing their all-out attack, engulfing the scene in a cloud of dust as you could hear punches, kicks, stabs, and slashes emitting from the battle. Yu and Yosuke got flung back but recovered quickly to get back into the fray, set on dealing damage to my shadow.

“You’re doing great, guys! Keep it up!” Rise shouted, cheering the two on.

Suddenly, Chie appeared along with Yukiko as the battle continued, my shadow proving to be a strong opponent. Chie gasped and ran over to me, kneeling down next to me and lifting up my head. “Are you okay, Joseph?!”

“Y---Y---Yeah, I’m fine. Yu and Yosuke have my back.”

Chie smiled wide, happy that I was safe as she leaned her head over and kissed me on the forehead. This girl would not lose any sort of feeling for me, but I still felt guilty because of the whole situation.

“It’s my fault isn’t it?” I asked rhetorically. “Yu and Yosuke have to fight that thing because of me.”

“No, don’t think like that,” Yukiko replied. “Everyone has a side that they don’t want to show. We’ve been through it too. All of us. You just need to build up your courage and face your other self like we did.” She smiled at me, putting a hand on my shoulder as Chie continued to comfort me. I turned my head, looking over to see Yu and Yosuke, panting in exhaustion, standing across from my shadow that looked like me again.

I grunted, getting up as Chie continued to hold onto my arm. She walked me over to my shadow, which was staring blankly at me. “I’ll admit, everything you said about me was pretty harsh, but…true. Heh, so I guess you really are me, huh?” My shadow nodded its head before I put a hand on its shoulder and smiled. My shadow then began to disappear, and my Persona took its place, looking like a much less evil version of the form my shadow had took earlier. It was about half the size of its shadow form and it possessed a shield now, replacing the scale it carried before. It’s armor was also different, being more elegant like the armor Alexander the Great had worn. Its wings were still black to my surprise, but I figured the symbolized the side of me I wanted to hide. It then vanished and transformed into a tarot card, lowering down to me and then disappearing.

Chie held me close as I held my head in shame, everyone knowing my hidden feelings.

“Joseph, don’t beat yourself up over it,” Yosuke said. “It’s over. You had the courage to face your true self and you even have a Persona now.”

“I’m still sorry about the trouble I caused though. What my shadow said was partially true but I still see you guys as true friends.”

“We know,” Yu responded. “Friends, until the end.” He gave me a pat on the back, signaling that everything was alright. I raised my head and looked him in the eye, seeing his welcoming expression of friendship, when we suddenly heard footsteps. “Another shadow?” Yu readied his weapon as we all looked in the direction of the noise.

“No,” Yukiko replied, chuckling, “It’s just Kanji.”

Kanji arrived, panting and sweating, hunching over and holding his knees. “Wh—Wh—What’d I miss?”
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Yes this was another excellent update, loved your Persona design; that justice symbolism :love:

Only problem?
In the story you didn't know anything about Personas, how do you know there names.
Unless I missed that explanation in one of the updates
My formatting is kind of mixed-up in this fan-fic, lol thanks for pointing that out.

It's like 3rd person and 1st person put together :laugh:
Bringing out the defib pads and reviving this fan-fic!

A short update, but just really a revival notice. Will write more later.

Update 6

"All of you really had to go through that?" I asked as I finally regained my composure, brushing myself off as Chie held me close.

"Yes, we all had to face our true self. It was the only way to stop our shadows from attacking, and in the end, gain our Personas," Narukami replied as he holstered his katana, putting his hand on my shoulder. "And now you're just like the rest of you. You've gained a great amount of power, and your arcana isn't like any of ours, the Judgment arcana."

"Wait dude, you didn't have to face a shadow version of yourself! You totally got the easy way in!" Yosuke blurted out as he waved his kunai at Narukami.

"Well, does it really matter, Yosuke? You have to admit, if it weren't for me, we wouldn't have escaped from here in one piece."

"Yeah...I guess you're right."

Rise walked over to me, getting a good look and saying, "Guys, I think we should call it a night. He looks beat, so we can't just drag him around like this. Joseph, do you want to help us out tomorrow? We need to find whoever appeared on the midnight channel, before they get hurt."

"Sure, I'm in. You guys saved my life, so I pretty much owe you mine!”

“That’s the spirit!”

“Alright,” Narukami said, “Let’s head back, and meet up at Junes tomorrow after school. We really need to go over the situation.” All of us nodded in agreement as we headed back to the exit, when suddenly a strange figure appeared.

“W—what the hell is that?!” I shouted, taking cover behind some of the gang. In front of us was what looked like a cartoon character, a big, blue bear that wore what looked like a clown suit.

“You don’t have a beary good first impression, whoever you are. Hmph.”

“Beary good? What the hell? Who are you?! Do you guys know this…thing?”

Yosuke chuckled, just shaking his head. “Yeah, that’s Teddie.”


“Pretty straightforward name, right? Well, he’s on our side and it’s a long story to tell who he is.”

“I think I’ve had enough for one night. Let’s please just leave….”

We all headed back to the exit that Teddie had left for us, going back into our world. When we arrived back in my house they all made sure to keep quiet as they returned to bed, not wanting to wake my mother. I honestly couldn’t wait to meet at Junes tomorrow after school. A whole adventure seemed to lie in front of me.


The next day after school, I headed straight to Junes, seeing the others hanging out in the food court, joining them of course. “Sorry I’m late guys. I had to stop by my house first.”

“It’s all right,” Narukami replied, “We didn’t talk about much anyway. We decided to wait for you.”

“Thanks bro, I appreciate that.” I took a seat between Rise and Chie, when Chie scooted over closer to me, putting her head on my shoulder, making me blush slightly.

“Alright, so…you dudes have any ideas?” Yosuke asked, scratching his head in confusion.

“Ideas on what?” Yukiko responded.

“Who got thrown into the midnight channel of course? I honestly don’t have a damn clue, and the image was way too fuzzy to make out. I couldn’t sleep last night just thinking about it.”

“Well,” Kanji said, “It looked like a guy from what I could make of it. Didn’t seem like the figure of a chick, so I guess that could narrow it down a little more for us, huh?”

“I agree, Kanji,” I replied, “It didn’t look like a girl at all. It really kinda looked like a silhouette or something of whoever that was. I don’t think we’ll be able to narrow down who they are at all right now though. We couldn’t tell if he was young, old, a student, citizen, or even ethnicity. So basically, we don’t have a damn thing to go on.”

“Errgh! This sucks!” Yosuke shouted as he slammed his fist down on the table in sheer frustration. “I’m afraid that if we can’t save him now, he’s basically screwed!”

“Well, did you check the weather forecast, Naoto?” Narukami asked.

“Yes, and it appears that the fog will not disband for a while, so I believe we will have a chance to witness it again on tomorrow’s rainy night. Possibly, it will provide a much clearer image that we can go on, and then we can progress from there.”

“Sounds like a plan. Good work.”

“But what about Joseph?” Chie asked in concern, holding me close. “Do you think he’s ready to fight?

“That’s his decision, Chie.” Narukami replied, looking at me. “He seems motivated enough, so I think he’ll do just fine. I know you have his back anyway.”

“Damn right I do!” She smiled wide, cuddling up against me as I shyly accepted her comfort.

“Alright, it’s decided. We’re following Naoto’s plan and waiting. There isn’t much else we can do.”

“Alright, Senpai.”

“You got it, Narukami.”

“Let’s get some tofu in the meantime at Rise’s place, bro!”

The gang felt so full of energy. I felt like…I truly belonged.