Befriending the Blackout

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This was typed from the Xbox internet browser so if there are grammatical errors, buzz off for now, I'll fix them later.

My head was faced down on my desk, digging my face into my elbow as "King Moron" went on with his lecture, as my classmates would call him. I could hear the rain hitting against the window to the side of me and then continuing to trickle down as I sniffled through my nose. It was only my first week of being in this new school, my parents and I having to move away from our old home in order for my mother to pursue work here. The town was quiet and calm, but that's because it was extremely simple. I didn't mind that though, it actually felt like a good change for me. My eyelids felt heavy as King Moron's lecture went on, begging for myself to simply just drift off to sleep. I was about to close them forcefully when I was suddenly disturbed by my teacher's voice.

"Hey! Agosto!" he shouted loud, pointing a finger at me, "You better stay awake or you're going on my shit list!"

The shit list. It wasn't like it really mattered since it felt like everyone was already on his shit list by ending up in his class in the first place, out of what I heard and was already seeing. Nevertheless, it was best to stay on his good side, just to make things a little easier for myself, although I was a bit aggravated. I decided to hold in my frutration, opening my eyes as I sat up straight, paying attention and signaling him with a nod, which he returned with a disgusted look. After staring me down for what felt like a grueling half an hour, he turned his attention away from me and went back to what he did best, boring the everlasting shit out of his class with his meaningless teachings.


After the school day had ended, I sat in my desk in homeroom, looking out the window, being annoyed as to what was on its way. According to reports from the local radio station, there was going to be a heavy storm tonight, and the probablity of it causing an one-night power outage was high. I've been through much worse but blackouts still got under my skin. I sighed and reached into my pocket, ready to pull out my phone when I felt someone grasp my shoulder.

Instinctively, I turned around to immediately see a bright green and yellow jacket, flustering in my face. I couldn't miss it, I knew it was someone from my class. A girl from my class by the name of Chie I believe. I looked up to see Chie smiling brightly at me, eyes closed in glee. Her smile was that of pure excitement and ecstacy. I could already tell she had some news for me but what? I hardly knew her, although I must admit, she was one of the girls in my class that had my attention more than others. I decided to stay shut for now and listen to what she had to say.

Just an intro.

I'll get some more done tonight. You can't copy and paste on the Xbox browser so I'm afraid of going over the 5000 character limit and losing my work.
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A self insert Persona fic aye? Well, better keep up with the updates then
I'll update this tomorrow.

It's too ****ing cold in my house for me to want to do anything right now.

I'm going to have a minor cameo of a TRMK member as well.

Very minor.

Update 1

"I've been meaning to introduce myself!" she said excitedly, "I'm Chie! Chie Satonaka! Nice to meet you! Are you from the a big city too like Yu and Yosuke?"

"Nah, I'm just from a simple town. I'm from the richer part of it though, not trying to brag by the way. I never really got involved with my town because I lived in the suburban area. My mother got a job in this town so, yeah, here I am."

"Oh wow! I bet you have one of those big screen TVs like over at the electronics department in Junes!" She jumped in glee, imagining her watching one of her many Kung-Fu movies on a large screen.

"Yeah, but it's not like fifty-five inches or something like that. My mom is really conservative, so she doesn't like to spend a lot of money on electronics and stuff."

Chie was about to ramble on again when suddenly we heard someone fall to the ground with a large THUD. I looked over to see some dude with headphones around his neck on the floor, his chair tipped over. Must be that Yosuke guy that Chie was talking about.

"Ouch!" he cried. "How the hell did I MISS my chair?"

Another student then walked over to him, helping him up before Yosuke spoke, "Thanks Yu, I can always count on you, man. Sheesh, I have the worst luck sometimes."

"Serves you right, Yosuke. Shouldn't have broken my Trial of the Dragon!" Chie shouted and laughed.

"That was like 2 months ago! You're still on me for that! I even treated you to food!"

"That was just Junes Food Court stuff! I was expecting some grilled steak! Maybe Joseph will just treat me to some, for being so kind and welcoming to him. Right, Joseph?" Chie smiled at me. That smile. God, was I pissed that I was put into this situation, but that smile was irresistible. But then again, maybe I was just a pussy so I couldn't say no. Well anyway, it had been a week since someone actually tried to talk to me, so she did deserve something.

"Grilled steak? Isn't that like...expensive?" I reached into my pocket, pulling out my wallet when she spotted some fresh bills and my debit card.

"Oh come on it's our town's delicacy! You have to try it! Plus look! You have plenty of money to spare in there!"

I let out a sigh, feeling so stupid for letting her see my wallet when suddenly Yosuke spoke again. "See? Freeloader train, seriously. Always hopping on it to satisfy that carnivorous stomach of yours."

"Shut up, Yosuke! Sheesh!"

I looked over at Yu, just seeing him let out a silent chuckle. This kind of behavior must be normal I guess. Although I have to admit, it livens up my life a lot more. This crew was pretty colorful compared to my other classmates who are usually just spreading rumors I think and just chatting about general, boring stuff. I just let out a chuckle myself before saying, "Alright Chie, you win, I'll take you to that steakhouse you're talking about, or whatever it is. Just you know, be easy on my wallet."

"Woo! Yes! In your face, Yosuke!" Chie let out a hearty laugh before jumping up in the air, pulling off a backflip, kicking the desk behind her with a loud thump. "Oops!"

"Chie's going to put you in debt man, just watch. Bad move," Yosuke said, shaking his head.

"I'm sure she'll be fine, Yosuke," Yu replied. "She was fine to me when I moved here."


I sat in my seat at the steakhouse, awed by Chie's immense hunger as she plowed through steak after steak. We had only been there for a mere 10 minutes and I was still on my first plate while she was proceeding to her fourth, taking dinosaur-like bites of the prime vuts and swallowing overflowed spoonfuls of mashed potatoes and vegetables. Never had I seen a woman attack food so hungrily, and it was kind of making me lose my appetite. I tried to look away, back at my plate as I cut a piece off my steak, placing it into my mouth and beginning to chew. All I could hear was a series of munches and gulps as Chie's plate was demolished by her appetite. I finished the chunk of meat, placing my fork down and pushing away my plate.

She looked up at me, mouth full of food and bordered by steak sauce. She was muffled by the contents in her maw as she spoke, "Whash the matterh, already full?"

I didn't have the heart to tell her so I just decided to let out a little white lie. "Yeah, I had a really big lunch. The steak is great though, truly deserving of all its praise."

Suddenly, the waitress appeared, smiling at me and giving me the receipt. I thanked her and picked it up, looking it over, then letting my head fall onto the table in front of me. "Dammit...." I placed my debit card in that receipt holder thing they gave me, whatever the hell its called and tried to forget about it as Chie wiped her face.

"Hey! Did you hear of that big storm tonight? I was wondering maybe...if my friends and I could hang out at your house tonight since you have a big TV and stuff!"

Dammit, what the hell is up with this girl! First, I'm buying her an expensive steak dinner, no, a damn BUFFET and now she wants me to host some sort of storm gathering? But then again, that actually doesn't sound like a bad idea.

"...Sure, I'll ask my mom I guess."

"Awesome!" Chie leaned over the table, giving me a kiss on the cheek as a thank you present. While it was pretty nice, it would have been a lot better if I didn't receive some barbecue sauce on my face out of that.

Chie then took out her phone, beginning to relay the message to all her friends including Yosuke and Yu as the waitress returned my card, we being ready to leave.
The title of this fan-fic doesn't even fit anymore because I'm taking it farther than I planned, lmao.

Whatever though.

Update 2

I walked with Chie back to my house, figuring it'd just make more sense to have her over first. She said she didn't mind the run to her house and back here but I just didn't think it'd feel right to make her travel all that so I just invited her over. I know my mother will be watching us though, especially since I'm bringing only a single girl with me. I didn't even ask Chie how many people she invited. I know I have a pretty big house compared to most in Inaba but still, I just hope my mother doesn't freak out and get frustrated with me.

When we arrived, I told Chie to follow me to the living room, where my mother was calmly reading. Chie introduced herself in a kind manner, much to my satisfaction and we headed to the TV room. Chie planted herself on the sofa while I sat on one of the single-person chairs.

"Wow! This is your TV?! I thought you said it wasn't that big!" she shouted in glee. I assumed that most people in Inaba don't have anything past 24 inches but not liking to boast, I chose to just stay modest about it.

"Yeah, if you'd like to watch any of your movies on it we could hang out and stuff. I've got a DVD player so, everything you could need is here."

"Wow, thanks Joseph. You know, you're a pretty cool guy. You kind of remind me of Yu, but not as quiet."

I guess Yu is a good guy, for her to compare me to him. But I'll find out tonight.

"I just texted Yukiko and the others, they should be on their way. I think Yosuke will be the last one here since knowing him, he's going to bust his butt while riding his bike. Stupid Yosuke."

I just let out a chuckle, knowing that Yosuke did seem like a goofball and a clown but a pretty nice guy. He seems like the type of someone who will always have your back.

"I never got to speak much to Yukiko. Is she a nice girl?"

Chie giggled, before letting out her words, "Why, you like her or something?"

I immediately blushed a little. That wasn't the truth but Chie just caught me off guard like that. "N---N--No I don't!" Great, I'm just making things worse for myself now, looking all guilty. "I swear, I don't! She just seems like a cool person, or you know, friend."

Chie let out a hearty laugh before slapping her knee, falling back on the sofa. "I'm just messing with you, heh, loosen up a little."

Chie was certainly quite the character. She had that unique feel about her. I couldn't help but be a little attracted to her but I decided to shun that feeling for now, especially since we're alone.

"You know, you're kinda cute when you're all embarrassed," Chie said, letting out a small giggle.

What?! Did she just say what I think she said?! My neck twitched, as I began to tremble a little. I kept my hands on my legs, looking Chie straight in the eye as she smiled back at me. What was I supposed to do?! Should I say something?! Should I keep quiet?! All these options were racing through my mind when suddenly, I was saved by the bell, doorbell that is.

"Ummm, excuse me, I'll get that!" I quickly bounced off the couch, running over to the door and swinging it open, revealing a muscular kid, taller than me with a skull and crossbones on his shirt. Next to him was a boy wearing what looked like blue golfer pants and a blue coat.

"Oh, friends of Chie?"

The big kid spoke in a friendly, but slightly powerful manner, "Yeah! What's up, bro. You must be Joseph! I'm Kanji, Kanji Tatsumi. And this is Naoto Shirogane."

I looked over at the boy, gesturing out my arm for a handshake, which he met with his hand. "Pleased to meet you, Joseph." His voice was extremely calm and serious. I could already tell my mother was going to like him, due to the fact that she doesn't like to deal with hyperactive teens.

"Pleased to meet you as well, Naoto and Kanji. Welcome! Make yourselves at home! Chie is in the TV room if you want to say hi to her, and make sure you say hi to my mom if you see her. She appreciates that.

"Of course, man!" Kanji said, "You have to always respect the moms, you know?"

"You got that right, Kanji." He then proceeded to give me a high-five and headed over to the TV room with Naoto, planning to greet Chie. I closed the door and turned around, when suddenly the doorbell rang again. I turned around once more, opening it so see a girl around my age, also beautiful. I mentally cringed, thinking, "Are all of Chie's friends good looking?!"

"Joseph, right?"

I snapped out of my trance, shaking myself awake. "Yeah! Friend of Chie's? I haven't seen you around."

"Wow? Really? Well maybe my name will make you remember me. I'm Rise, you know, the model?"

"Sorry, heh, I moved in her only like a week ago so I'm not really familiar with the community. Especially since I'm not even from Japan."

"Oh wow! Really? Well...I could kind of tell because of your appearance, but still, it's cool to meet someone who was born out of the country. America I'm guessing?"

"You got it! Nice to meet you, Rise!"

"Nice to meet you as well! don't look Caucasian, like the usual people we get here."

"Wow, you're one of few to point that out. I'm Puerto Rican actually."

"Ooooh! Spicy!"

Dammit, here we go again. I know she's not as serious as Chie, but still, my emotions get the better of me. I just scratched the back of my head and laughed, inviting her in as well when suddenly, I heard a bicycle bell chime. I looked down the street after Rise walked in to join the others and saw Yosuke on his yellow bicycle, heading toward my driveway. His suddenly started to lose balance, his bike shifting from side to side as he shouted.

"WOAH!!! WOAH!!!"

He ended up smashing into my mailbox, taking it off its hinges as he and his bike fell to the ground. I quickly rushed over to him, offering my hand to help him up.

"Holy shit! You okay, Yosuke?"

He let out a grunt of pain, grabbing my hand, letting me help him up before he brushed himself off. "Yeah...thanks, man. Sorry about the mailbox. I'll pay for it when I get my next paycheck, I promise!"

"It's fine, Yosuke. All it needs is just a fixing. I can take care of it."

", thanks man! Joseph, right? Chie told me about you."

"Yeah, she's quite the character, heh. Go on in and say hi to the others. I assume you know all of them, being that they are all Chie's friends."

Yosuke nodded, patting me on the shoulder and grabbing his bike, taking it inside as I picked up the broken mailbox, placing it next to its stand when suddenly Yukiko and Yu appeared, side-by-side.

"Umm, yeah...Yosuke flew by and---"

Yu just let out a chuckle and Yukiko smiled lightly. Yu spoke in a friendly matter. "Yeah, I figured that happened. He's always not careful enough on that thing. You'd think he'd learn after the first few times."

Yukiko let out a giggle before she spoke, "Yosuke is a good friend though, so we're always there to help him when he falls. I assume you did as well?"

"Oh of course!"

"Good, I'm already starting to like you, Joseph."

"Oh...heh...thanks. Come right on in, everyone else is here already."

I walked the two into my house, closing the door behind me and headed to the TV room to regroup with the others.
Update 3

My TV room was active with conversation and my guests sharing a few laughs while some of them munched on the various snacks that my mother had prepared and left out for them to enjoy. The group was basically an epic rainbow of personalities, from the calm, cool, and collected Yu Narukami to the hyperactive Chie Satonaka.

"C'mon Joseph! Sit with us!" Rise yelled out to me, while grabbing another handful of potato chips. I walked over to her, sitting between her and Yosuke, who was quick to show me his phone.

"Dude! Check this out! This game's called Dungeon Master Z. Ever heard of it?"

"Nah, can't say I have. What's it like?"

"See for yourself! Just don't save the game like stupid Chie did last month, so she overwrote my character with her lame one."

Chie growled, punching Yosuke lightly in the arm. "Shut up! It was a mistake! Sheesh!"

"Mistake? The game makes it so freakin' obvious that you're about to overwrite a save!"

Yosuke and Chie began to argue left and right when suddenly, Kanji decided to speak up to me. "You got a real nice house! Your parents rich or something?"

"Well, it's just my mom and I. My parents are divorced."

"Oh sorry man, my fault."

I chuckled before replying, "No need for apologies, Kanji. And thanks for the compliment on my home."

"Oh, heh, no prob man. Thanks for having us over. I was kinda surprised, especially since you don't even know us."

"Well, Chie seemed like the type of person to make only good friends. Guess I was right." God, that was cheesy. I can't believe I just said that. Surprisingly though, Kanji held his fist out to me, which I proceeded to fist-bump, when I suddenly felt something, or someone tap my shoulder. I turned around to see Naoto who was holding a book in his hand, which he turned for me to see.

"Wow! Sherlock Holmes?" I asked, being impressed.

"Mmm hmm, classic American fiction, so I figured you'd be familiar with it."

"That's an awesome read, bro. You just started it?"

Naoto just chuckled, shaking his head before taking off his hat, revealing his short blue hair. "I also figured you didn't notice something." Naoto spoke this in a much higher-pitched, more feminine voice.

"Why are you speaking like...wait...." Naoto smiled at me as I looked into his eyes. "Y---Y---You're...A GIRL?!"

"Don't worry, the others couldn't tell either. I'm actually surprised you realized it so fast. But then again, I was obviously trying to get you to realize it. I dress up and act like a boy to gain the trust of some in the Inaba Police Department. A few like Dojima know. I'm a detective. A renowned one, if I might say."

"'re really good at umm...cross-dressing." I couldn't find the right words to say since I was so awestruck. Maybe I should have said, "hiding your gender?" instead? I decide to give her some real flattering. "It's pretty interesting though. And I bet you look beautiful when you dress and act more feminine."

Naoto blushed a little, letting out a slight chuckle. "Thank you. Kanji said the same thing."

Yosuke overheard the conversation, deciding to speak up in a wise-guy manner. "Yeah, but Kanji 'Beefcake' Tatsumi liked Naoto before, when we all thought she was a boy."

Kanji clenched his fist, clearly becoming agitated as he yelled, "I told you to quit with that shit, Yosuke! I still like her now, and we all know she's a girl now!

"So? You still had feelings for her when she was a 'boy.' You can't deny those facts, Kanji." Yosuke snickered, clearly getting under Kanji's skin.

I decided to stick up for Kanji, kicking Yosuke softly in the leg. "Hey, well at least Kanji has feelings for a girl now, right? It's not like he stopped liking Naoto after you guys found out she was a girl."

Yosuke began to get a little embarrassed, realizing it was three on one now. "...I guess you're right."

Kanji grinned, giving me a pat on the back, showing he was happy I sided with him. Chat continued to go on and on throughout the evening, mostly composed of questions towards me but I also learned more and more about the others.


11:30 P.M.

Yu had told me about some show that they liked to watch that aired at midnight, so I figured we'd all get some rest first so we won't be nodding off, while trying to watch whatever this would be. I was awoken by the rain lightly pounding on the window outside. Like the weather channel predicted, the power had went out. Wow, did this suck. I suddenly realized something. I felt a lot warmer than even with the heat on, and it felt like weight was being put on my body.

I moved my arms, feeling that I wasn't covered in my blanket anymore. I moved them over to my body, feeling something soft, and smooth, on top of me. What the hell was going on? I moved my hand down, recognizing the feeling, when suddenly my hand met something round, and softer. I gave it a light squeeze, sending a light feminine moan my way. My heart instantly began to race. Was this...a girl on top of me?! I must be dreaming or some shit! I began to panic, moving my hand up, feeling the hair on her head. I brushed it slightly, letting my hand flow through it until I recognized the style. It was...CHIE?!
You would certainly make nemesis proud.

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I know you'll pick it up with either humor or action, I'm just waiting for one of the two to happen
Action is coming in the next update. Just trying to build it up since I'm new in Inaba, lol so getting tight with the characters.

Vital's mad :rofl:
Lol because Chie made contact with me?

Working on Update 4 right now. Already got a good chunk done so it will most certainly be released tonight.
Update 4

My body began to tremble as Chie slept soundly on top of me. My mind was in so many places at once, having no idea what to do. I told all the girls earlier to sleep in the guest room while the guys slept in the TV room, to prevent any funny business that would anger my mom. But if I were to wake up Chie, that could cause some commotion as well, worsening the situation. I thought to myself and remembered that the others would be getting up in like fifteen minutes so I just decided to clam my nerves and wait it out. I could feel Chie's chest on mine, moving as she breathed in rhythm, being in complete serenity. I put one hand on her upper back and one hand on her lower back, beginning to rub the area softly, making her even more comfortable as her breathing calmed even more. The darkness of the room eliminated vision but I knew that she had a smile on her face as I did my best to keep her sleeping soundly.

It was about 11:50 p.m. when I suddenly heard Yosuke's phone alarm going off, playing some kind of happy-go-lucky jingle. Kanji and Yosuke woke up first, Kanji letting out a long yawn before drowsily asking, "Really? That song that they play at Junes? Talk about self-promotion."

"Shut up, Kanji. My dad made me change it. Hey Joseph, you up?"


"What's wrong, dude? You sound concerned or something."

"Take a look for yourself."

Yosuke reached over towards the floor and grabbed his cell phone. He unlocked the screen and shone the light in my direction, revealing the sight of Chie on top of me. "Dude! Is that---?!"

"Shh! Keep it down!" I whispered. "I don't know why she's here or how she got in. I told you to lock the shutters, Kanji!"

"Damn, I guess I must have fell asleep since I stayed up longer than everyone else. My bad."

"It's fine...don't worry about it. I just don't know what to do about Chie. The guest room is on the second floor so unless she's a sleepwalker or something, she had intentions of coming down here...and...getting on top of me. She did say I was cute, know...I guess she has feelings for me."

Yosuke replied with a hint of hesitation. " you have...feelings for her too?"

That was an extremely hard, and awkward question to answer. I had only known well Chie for a day, and she was already all over me, literally. Did I have feelings for her? Well, she does have a striking personality, and a striking...figure. I quickly searched my mind for an answer, telling Yosuke, "A---A---A little I guess." Then suddenly, we heard footsteps coming down the stairs. "Yosuke! The Light!" He panicked and quickly locked his cell phone, shutting off the screen when we heard a familiar voice.

"Guys, it's 11:55. Oh, and um, we found Chie's jacket and skirt on the floor and she wasn't in the guest room when we woke up, and she isn't in the bathroom either. We checked," Yukiko said, in a concerned tone.

"Did she leave or something?" Rise asked. "Maybe she got a call from her mom or something so she had to go."

"Umm...she's right here," Yosuke said.

"Where?" Yukiko replied, raising an eyebrow. She took out her phone, shining the light to reveal Chie sleeping soundly on top of me, with a big smile on her face. The whole room was silent, everyone having nothing to say. I decided to muster up all the courage I had and explain the situation.

"Chie came down here on her own. We didn't take her or anything like that. We had all gone to bed but Kanji forgot to lock the shutters so Chie wandered into here and decided to get 'comfortable.' Look, can we just forget all this happened, even though I know when Chie wakes up, I'll have no idea what to say to her. Just wake Yu up and let's figure out what to do."

"I understand," Yukiko said as she woke up Yu and Chie. Yu sat up and pushed the blanket off his body, grabbing his clothes and putting them on swiftly.

"What time is it?" he asked.

"11:58," Rike replied. She then grabbed Chie's clothes from Yukiko and tossed them at the girl. Chie let out a wide yawn and got up, straddling my body.

"It's midnight already?! Wow, time does fly! Isn't that right, Joseph?" She giggled, putting on her jacket as she smiled and looked down at me.

"Chie, look, I understand that you...."

"I what? Like you?"


"Well, it was getting cold in the guest room because you lost power so I decided to come downstairs and cuddle up with you!" She let out another ecstatic giggle, leaning over and kissing me on the cheek, causing my cheeks to flush red a little.

"C'mon, get your clothes on, Joseph," Yu said to me.

"We going somewhere? It's kind of late."

"Yeah, we're going somewhere. Somewhere you've never been."

"Oh...okay?" I just shrugged and put my clothes on as Chie finished dressing herself. Chie then grabbed my shoulder and pointed at the TV.

"Look, watch!"

"Watch what? The power's out, duh."

"Just watch!"
Update 4 continued

I looked around to see the others focused on the TV. What was going on? I just decided to go along with it and stare at the TV as well. The rain pounded on the window near us when the clock stroke 12 and suddenly, the TV began to flicker. Then suddenly, static appeared along with a fuzzy image on the screen, resembling a person. The image stayed on there for a while but the TV didn't project any sound besides the static itself. After a few seconds, the image then cut off, leaving the TV on a blank, powerless screen again.

"What...the hell just happened?"

"Someone's inside the Midnight Channel, senpai! They need our help!" Kanji shouted, getting up from the couch.

"You're right," Yu said, standing up as well. He then proceeded to quickly explain what had just happened, informing me on what are known as Personas and also giving me all the details of the Midnight Channel.

"Personas? Wait...I thought that was all just some crap my friend Sebastian made up! You're telling me they're real! They can't be!"

Yu let out a chuckle before gesturing for me and the others to join him by the TV. Yu stuck his hand inside, causing odd waves to move on the screen. I watched in pure awe and a hint of fear as he put more of himself into the TV until he was completely gone. Everyone followed one-by-one, until only Kanji and I were left.

"I can't do this, Kanji. Hell no, I'm not going!"

"C'mon, toughen up. Not like you got a choice anyway." Kanji smirked, grabbing my hand forcefully and pulling me close, jumping into the TV as I shouted for my life. We both went through some kind of crazy vortex or portal as we plummeted into the TV world, landing on the ground with the others, with a large thump.

"So this is the...Midnight Channel?" I looked around, being able to hardly see anything, then I noticed that everyone was putting glasses on for some reason. "What are those?"

"Special glasses that allow you to see through the fog," Yu responded. "I'm sure Teddie can give you some.


"You'll see. Here he is now."

I looked behind me to see something approaching us. The figure appeared out of the fog, and when I got a closer look, I was dumbfounded.

"I assume that's...Teddie. A walking teddy bear...."

"Senpai! You brought a visitor!" Teddie shouted, reaching into his back pocket to take out a pair of glasses for me. "Here ya go! I'm already two steps ahead of you. Don't worry, I'm bear-y kind."

"Umm...thanks," I said, putting the glasses on. My vision wasn't hurt, it was actually much better, making the area appear like the fog wasn't even there.

"Look, I know this is your first time here but we need to split up and search for whoever appeared on the television tonight," Yu commanded.

Teddie's eyes grew wide, clearly being surprised as he replied, "Another person is here, Senpai?! Who could it be?!"

"We have no idea," Yosuke sighed, holding his head down when Kanji punched him softly in the back, trying to give him some motivation.

"Alright, well let's search in groups. I'll take Yosuke. Yukiko, you take Chie. Kanji, you take Teddie and Naoto. Joseph, you get Rise."

"Aww! I wanted Joseph!" Chie complained. I could already tell being around her was going to be a handful.

"No, we can't have the distractions," Yu exclaimed. "Rise can also be a good guide for Joseph, like she's always been for us."

Chie pouted and left with Yukiko as the others groups departed as well. Rise grabbed my hand and smiled. "No, I'm not like Chie, before you get any ideas."

I chuckled, letting her lead the way as we started to travel through the TV world, searching for whoever appeared on the screen tonight. We had to save him or her, no excuses. I'm not even familiar with this whole Midnight Channel thing but preventing someone's death is first priority. I was hesitant at first to join the operation but now I'm kind of excited to see just how everything works and plays out.

We ran and ran and walked and walked, changing pace here and there before we reached an odd sight. It looked like a replica of Inaba's marketplace. "Umm, Rise? What's this?"

"I'm not sure. This world changes a lot, depending on what's occurring, so I can't really give you an exact answer, sorry."

I was about to speak again when I noticed a glowing, dark blue aura protruding from an alleyway next to a replica of the ramen shop. I pointed to it, whispering, "Over there. Something has to be in that alleyway."

"Probably a shadow. I'll take care of it, no problem. I'll protect you."

"Heh, thanks. I kinda just realized I'm pretty defenseless, huh?"

"Don't downsize yourself like that. You can still be a big help."

"Hmm, thanks Rise. You really are supportive, hehe."

Rise smiled at me before grabbing my hand again and leading us over to the alleyway. When we turned the corner, my jaw dropped and my heart sank. We both looked down the alleyway to see...myself?!

"Rise?! What the HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!"

"Umm, remember when Senpai explained the whole thing about what happens when someone gets their Persona."


"...That has to be your shadow."
Thanks, man.

I'm going to sound different as the story goes on though. I talk a lot like Kanji does, but I'm talking really normal and polite now because that's how I talk until I get comfortable around people.

And like I told Vital, he'll get happy in the next update.

But for now