Baraka screen

Alright WTF, is bobbyguy a bot that actually posts about MK? Hes good for a laugh at least but he is wasting people's time.
omg...he is an idiot.

And I think Baraka looks awful...

Wow not impressed. His outfit is boring and he looks like a character from Resistance.

I shouldn't be surprised because that is basically what he is expected to look like, but for some reason I am.
He looks like a Mongolian soldier straight out of Genghis Kahn's army. Not the best shot to make a final judgement on, but I think he looks ok so far. I'd like to see him in action first.
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I quite like the gnarly look of his face, a lot more monstrous which makes him seem far more scary as a Tarkatan should. Think they've humanished his face a bit much in Decepetion so it's good to go back to his roots :) Not sure on the armour though...
i love the way baraka looks, ugly and monster like. i think richard divizio would be proud. oh, and in the words of unreal tournament, "Head Shot!".:rock:
The thing is, I still prefer the Deception head of Baraka. Where his skull has more... spikes?
Captain Marvel looks great. Im starting to like him more than Superdork.

Raiden looks very humanlike if that makes sense. Looks like he just came from a hockey game with the shin guards andshoulder pads. He looks good, but not as god-like as usual.
wow...they were doing fine as far as design in my opinion until they got to baraka....what the hell were they thinking? I'd rather have MK Gold's crappy baraka with the staples and all over this...mess right here.