Awesome Kitana fan-comic by Luiz Mictian


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I'm not a fan of the dialogue at times

For real, dude?

Like, seriously???????

This was a gazzilioth times better dialogue than in the games.

Like, what are you talking about? It was filled with philosophical meanings and made for grown ups instead of Cassie vs Kung Jing talk for kids


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I've been chatting to Luiz on Twitter for a while. Really nice guy, hope NRS recognise his work. Probably the best fan art/fiction out there.


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I read it now, it was pretty bad. The only good thing about it is the art, but for some reason no X-rays nor the over-exaggerated gore.

Kitana as a whole is done & dusted character. Boring. Sassiness is not a bonus, it's a detractor. Kotal Badass acted like Kotal Dumbass. In fact, I didn't recognize neither him nor Ermac, their lines and actions reeked of stupidity/weakness/submissiveness. Tanya dropping F-bombs left and right? When did that happen in game? Isn't she supposed to be some sort of an ambassador? There are more reasons, but meh.

And that feminist ending, just rofl. Not only it's overdone at this point, but it's cheesy as hell.

p.s. don't like that Jade costume. I guess the MK9 version is permanently burned into my memory, and for the good reasons.
Oracle of Romance??

Kitana is so under-appreciated and is always overshadowed by Mileena (IMO). Most gamers prefer Kitana's more devious twin Mileena, but Kitana's fans make her unique and a great foil for Baraka's blades, Kung Lao's metal hat, and even Raiden's electricity.

Kitana fan-comics are always appreciated (so thanks for sharing!).

Incidentally, anyone have a favorite fan-fic/fan-comic Kitana love story they want to share?

I'm always looking for a cool Kitana-Smoke story. I'd also like to see her paired with Erron Black or Rain...



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If there's still any Kitana fans hanging around on here...


Luiz Mictian is out with a new comic with Kitana in the leading role!

You can check it out, and his past works, here:


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once again, it reads like a bad fanfic. great environment art, but the characters look like shit. shao kahn looks like a skinny cosplayer, dafuq happened to his gains??