Autographed MK II by Daniel Pesina (Genesis) & is he the most famous in-game actor?


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Autographed MK II by Daniel Pesina (Genesis) & is he the most famous in-game actor?

First off, I am always scouring ebay for items for my video game collection, and particularly Mortal Kombat memorabilia. I saw these two and they seemed really cool, but they are outside of my price range at the moment, so I figured I'd share them with you guys.

Here is a copy of Mortal Kombat II for Sega Genesis signed by Daniel Pesina (who starred in the game as the digitized actor that played Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Scorpion, and all the other ninjas):

Here is a cool retro poster called "Heroes of Mortal Kombat" signed by Daniel Pesina and Ho Sung Pak (who played Liu Kang):

But, besides sharing these cool items, I actually do have a point to this point. These two items got me thinking, has there ever been an in-game character that became more "famous" from appearing in a game than Daniel Pesina did with MK1 and MK2? And I don't mean voice actors, or people whose "likeness" was used in a game, or Hollywood actors that were already famous and then appeared in a game. Instead, I mean actual FMV or digitized sprite games (like MK) that used real actors within the game. For reference, here's a list from Wikipedia of video games that used digitized sprites:

On that list, the MK games have to be the most famous. And I know Pesina or Pak never got actually "famous", but they still got some notoriety among gamers from appearing in the games...probably moreso than any other actor that ever directly appeared in a game. Am I wrong?..can you guys think of any in-game FMV or digitized actor that was bigger? Just a cool thought to me since I love the MK series so much, and seeing those autographs inspired the thought for me.
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I think you're right the MK games are the only games where the digitized characters got famous purely for being in the game. The "realism" of the characters in MK was always part of the appeal to me.

By the way your heroes of MK poster link doesn't work.

Also I have a signed MK comic for sale on ebay if is of any interest to you -