Asthetical Patches Idea


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I don't know if that's the right name but what I would like to see are changes like this, let's say that Batman's belt was black instead of yellow well in a new patch the devs could change it to yellow. They would be physical changes to a character, whether its in the color moves, or appearance. Here are some asthetical I would like to see.

1. Fix Wonder Woman's Face so that she looks like a female in EVERY skin JUST her #600 skin

2. Fix the issue where the character's capes go crazy and move up and down and cover their face.

3. Fix the issue when Wonder Woman does her MB Lasso grab, her lasso does not wrap around her opponent

4. Fix the issue when two Wonder Women stand close to each other and their shield overlap and make a heart (sort-of)

What are some changes you would like to see?
Add a raspy voice to the Blackest Night skins

Give Wonder Woman's #600 a jiggly booty. Delicious

Make Wanda's amazonians the same color.
I'm pretty sure that floppy dick is already in there.

Fix the fact that Batman needs a sock filled with Kryponite to fvck Superman's shit up.

Fix Damian's Mileena hair.