Anyone taking a break until PSN i back up?


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Lets be honest, playing against the computer again and again is pretty boring. I want to play agianst human players. Anyone else gonna take a break from this game until psn is back and running? I think Imma pick Uncharted 2, yes I STILL havent played that yet haha. That should keep me busy until psn is back.
I haven't even started playing the challenge tower i'm still trying to get everything mastered for my main character, i just need a lot more hours and do more fatalities i wonder if you unlock anything.
Actually I'm lovin that PSN is down it's really given me time to learn some characters at an advanced level!
Yeah, the psn outage hit my motivation pretty hard. I have zero friends in the area that i could play this game with, and have already played many many hours of singleplayer content and training mode. Training combos is okay, but i have no idea how actual MK matches play out. I am pretty pissed, because after the disappointing mvc i would love to play this game online, but i cant.
Train up, train up! because online is going to be a bloodbath. I can't be sure if I'm up to scratch yet seeing as there's no substitute for a human player.

EDIT: nevermind..
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I haven't seen a single challenge so far. I just finished story mode and now i have to try the "expert no continues" trophy, so I think i'm still ok with the psn issue.
I remember i didnt made the campaign on CoD MW2 until 3 months after i got the game because the online game
Training mode is your best friend .... time to try to make some combos that you have hard time to pulling off !!
PSN outtage: if anything, it'll make for better opponents online for having the time to actually learn characters instead of jumping in online matches and learn the hard way. Makes for better fights.
I am not hopeing that the only reason I got a copy of this game was to only play offline because by all accounts the online is unplayable and if it's that bad then I will not bother with the online at all.... Just hoping it gets completly fixed to be a worthy competitor to other online games.... If online is no good then the game will die, it's already fallen at the starting block and I cannot really see much hope for it being a good online game anymore... Considering I cannot even log in to try it out just pisses me off even more at the momment but I understand the predicament Sony is in....
Actually I'm lovin that PSN is down it's really given me time to learn some characters at an advanced level!
Besides, I still haven't finished the Challenge Tower, and I'm 60% done with unlocking everyone's ending in "Ladder Mode."


Does any one know if the secret battles are a 1 time thing??
I tried doing the Noob Saibot battle again, and nothing happened.
I'm actually a bit bored of playing offline right now...I beat story, challenge tower, ladder with all characters...yeah I might take a break.
The thing that pisses me of the most is that i have never even played online with my Ps3 until i got Mortal Kombat, because the games i do have for it are RPG's and you dont need to be online to play those , but as soon as i get the game, then this happens........just my luck

Oh yeah, Im getting bored too, ive beaten story mode got everybodies alt costume and i even bought everything in the krypt.
Theres only so many more times I can be bothered to face Shao Kahn and I am on challenge 251 in the tower and that one is particularly shite... just keep hitting the restart even if I don't get the first hit iam restarting aaaahhhh yep I'm getting fed up with it already as much as I like it... Had a good game with a mate on it last night.....but that was last night, Is it just me or is it going to get real tedious if it is no good online... Sure it has replay value and lot's of it but online needs to work otherwise this game can only be a shadow of what it was meant to become... I mean all the DLC won't get made if nobody is playing it....

It will be local tournaments only and although that is not such a bad thing mabey they should start producing those arcade cabinets like "for real" so atleast people will be able to play proper games easily with no lag issues down the local chip shop rather than the reported mess of the online games, admittedly I have no experience of the online gameplay and hope it's good but I do not have high hopes for it at this stage... Sounds like it needs a fix but if the net code is no good at launch it's probably always going to be at least not very good nuff said