Anyone Platinum this yet?

i would like to have a platinum for this game since its my favorite but yea hate online trophies so it won't happen

my only platinum is for Infamous 2 and that is cuz it was dead easy lol my kind of trophies. granted i have and will always hate trophies/achievements lol
online trophys are about luck in my book ,depending on who you opponents are. No one and i mean no one is better than every single player in the galaxy at mortal kombat. Some of the trophys are ridiculous, i need 3 more, and i doubt ill ever get the 10 wins ranked and the comeback one, yeah my kung fu is stronger possibly may get in time but i dont wanna cheat for pointless trophies.
If you've platinumed this all ready and thats what you like to do then fair play to you. Im sorry but i have other interests i would rather put my time into personally, rather than wasting my time into a game that will be out of date in a few years.