Anyone Platinum this yet?

I finally achieved 1000 gamerscore this morn on xbox 360. Just had to get 10 ranked wins in a row, got it after 7 ranked tag matches. The achievement must be glitched
i doubt ill ever platinum this, the only game i ever platinumed was legends of wrestlemania and that was piss easy and piss poor, i doubt i could ever play each character for 24 hours or win ten matches online in a row, ive done all the off line ones bar the grappler one
Speaking of trophies, I confirm what Eks said in another thread, you need 14 wins in a row to unlock the KOTH 10 wins trophy. Tested on PS3
Finally I unlocked the ranked 10 wins in a row trophy. I took me 6 hours. I had like 15 people rage quit and 5-7 minutes of waiting between each match in order for the game to find me opponents. It was horrible...
Do people in the states rage quit that much or is it just a european bad habit?
I managed to get 77% yesterday. The hardest trophy is going to be to win 10 ranked matches. The game needs between 10 and 15 minutes to find me 1 opponent, and when I win, they rage quit just before it says finish him/her... It's very annoying. In 2 hours of waiting I played 5 matches, 1 win and 4 rage quit ...

I agree. I cringed when I saw ranked trophies in this game. I think all of the ranked ones suck. At least My Kung Fu is Stronger is guaranteed over time.
3 trophies left for me, the 2 KOTH ones (1000 & 2500 points) and My kung fu is stronger. the KOTH is bugged though, it keeps erasing my progress so I am stopping it for a while until it get fixed.
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You've mastered every fighter already? Sorry but anyone that has done so has no life whatsoever

Or they.. ya know.. used their brain and did some research to make it very easy? With kombat codes it's not very hard. I Just refuse to let my ps3 sit on all night for the time requirements.
Id like to but any game with online trophies is just BS having the online trophies in games now can only be achieved by boosting or sadly pure luck not all of them but a good chunk
I still need:

- Don't Jump!
- Outstanding!
- Wavenet...
- You Will Learn Respect!
- Ultimate Respect!
- There Can Only Be One!
- Turtle!
- I'm Not Dead Yet!
- My Kung Fu Is Stronger

The only game I've ever platinumed is Assassin's Creed II.
i need 10 ranked wins and my kungfu is stronger the 10 ranked wins in a row is a pain in the arse i just can not get this at all but ill stick at it
I finally achieved 1000 gamerscore this morn on xbox 360. Just had to get 10 ranked wins in a row, got it after 7 ranked tag matches. The achievement must be glitched

hey lemme ask you, did the desynch. patch work as good as they said it will? Im looking forward to playing online without losing everythin g on ps3.
Last time I posted here, I was at 57%. Now all I need is the 2500 KOTH points, the Arcade Champion(been too lazy...), Turtle and My Kung Fu is Stronger. I've only mastered two characters(Kitana and Mileena) and haven't even gotten started on half of the roster.
Well, I'm not that far away from getting it. 75% or around there. I've mastered Cyrax, Ermac, Noob Saibot, Reptile, Scorpion, & Sektor. Close to mastering Cyber Subzero, Subzero, and Smoke. So I've got a ways to go.
I got 1000gs for this on xbox a while ago. For people having trouble with My Kung Fu Is Stronger, there is an exploits guide somewhere in the achievements forums to make it easier
I'm tryna get 10 ranked matches in a row but I either get beat by someone who is ridiculous or someone quits on me...and how do u get the "I'm not dead yet" achievement