Anyone know the reason why MKA and MKD are BC but not MKDA?

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Just wondering why is MK Deception backwards compatible as well as MK Armageddon but not MK Deadly Alliance?

It kinda annoys me because MK deadly alliance was just as big a title as what Mk Armageddon was. And it was my favorite MK in the last gen console's.

Somehow is this because midway screwed up with money and all?
I doubt it has anything to do with Midway. The BC list seems to be partly popular games and partly arbitrary. They may have just felt that two MK games were enough, or that those two made MKDA obsolete.

Then again, maybe there was a plan to eventually support it at some point; who knows? How long did Microsoft even pretend to give a shit about backwards compatibility? Like a year at the most?