Anybody know if velvet revolver is still picking an new lead singer?


Cause I really want to send in a tape to them of me singing to a track,after I add lyrics to it of course.


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Last I heard, they were going after Corey Taylor. In all honesty, I think Velvet Revolver is done. Slash is off selling himself out every which way he can and Duff is doing his thing with Loaded(album comes out Tuesday) right now. Doubt you'll see/hear much from VR camp anytime soon.


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As much as I love GN'R, I don't want Slash anywhere near that band. Seeing Izzy and Duff play with Guns is enough of a reunion for me.


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Guns n Roses should reunite same thing with sabbath now that Dio is gone R.I.P

The real Guns N' Roses is dead, bra.

Regrets, Duff McKagan's had a few. Now he admits that last year's onstage reunion with Axl Rose is definitely one of them.

"I almost wish the getting on stage part hadn't happened," the Velvet Revolver musician told Rock News Desk, saying that the live impromptu London jam between the Guns N' Roses co-founders was a mistake because it has refueled fans' hopes for a regrouping of the group's classic lineup.

Axl Rose has flatly denied any suggestion that he will reunite with the original members of Guns N' Roses.

The frontman made the denial after ex-Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash recently said he'd consider reuniting with Rose if the singer apologised to him.

Both of those are as recent as February of this year.