Any Smallville or Superman Fans here?


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Ok, well elsewhere I have a few Smallville threads that have done well on one forums especially with well over 1,000 posts.

Well, since there's lots of comic fans on here I'm hoping the same will happen here but we'll see : )

Anywho, I've been watching Smallville every season, every show never missed one!

I love it, it's a great pre-superman show portraying Clark Kent younger before he officially becomes Superman. This year season 8 will be the last year but damn, 8 year run is awesome. Most shows fail or last 4 or 5 max but Smallville did pretty damn well I have to admit.

Granted, some people weren't too fond of the minor changes but overall they kept to the saga like Lex not knowing Superman is Clark all this time. He only learned he was a traveler but doesn't actually know about his powers.

They've introduced certain Justice League characters, Teen Titan characters, enemies within the Superman saga over the years so that was kind of cool.

Anywho, was just wondering if there's any other Smallville fans on here besides myself or Superman fans in general.

Superman is one of those characters for some reason that has no grey area, he's usually loved or hated lol.

I don't care for Superman and I like Smallville even less. Stories need to preserve their integrity and Smallville scews the pooch on that one.
Nahh, they're good dude they just like to make things interesting. Addin key characters to the series makes it interesting and unpredictable unlike Lois and Clark which only lasted 4 seasons....that show was good at first but became predictable.

Smallville has a huge fanbase.
A group I don't count myself among, superman IS predictable.

That's fine it's still a large group none the less, I should know belonging to forums of them hehe

Superman isn't anymore predictable then the characters you like or Spider-Man, Hulk etc....

I mean hell, Spider-Man even bit off Supes famous "tear thru the shirt" scene in the movies....:sleep: which everyone knows Superman started before anyone else DC or Marvel.