Any online tips for low level Jax players?


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Okay, so I'd consider Jax my 'main' in the sense that I seem to have the most success with him online, and play him quite often in various tower modes, but I certainly haven't mastered him (or anywhere near, in fact) and pretty much exclusively play his Heavy Weapons variation as it gives nice zoning tools and doesn't require the ridiculous combo skills Wrestler seems to. (I'd love to be able to do some of those moves, but it seems quite difficult a variation to play well and I'd rather stick with the 'easy' one for now).

I think my w/l is 26-28 atm, which I'm pleasantly surprised with as I was expecting something more like a 1:4 ratio at this point. My main strat is to do the EX dash punch move (forward-back-Y?) at the very start of a match, as that's usually a fairly safe way of knocking someone down, and then I just try to get them into a corner and hammer them with punches -- usually alternating between his basic 3-punch combo and then a few low punches and an uppercut. When they're down, the slow back-X (?) overhead punch is quite good as if it connects it will knock them into the air, so you can then follow up with another uppercut.

I can usually win games vs. players of a similar or slightly better skill set to me, primarily because Jax has a few 'cheap' moves that deal a lot of damage, and he seems quite good at keeping someone in a corner. My main problems are against Scorpion spammers (it seems around one in every two-three games is vs. a Scorpion player, and they rarely show any variety) who try to zone you by using that downward demon kick over and over and over. God damn, I hate that so much. I have managed to beat quite a few, though, which is always satisfying because you just know they will be raging.

Any tips for a noob?
Inferno Scorpion is a dumb character. The best answer I can give you is to go in the lab and recreate the scenarios that are giving you trouble.

One technique you can practice is using rocket punch after a blocked demon kick/minion grab. I don't play Jax but theoretically it might be useful because your building meter, advancing forward and if you're mid screen, you'll catch him. Also, don't forget to block.

But what do I know, I'm ass at this game :(

Thanks for your advice, and apologies for the late reply, I didn't realised anyone else had posted here until I just checked xD

Yeah, I am going to practice with Jax and Kotal, and possibly go back to my original main - Goro - if he gets some buffs in a future patch. I understand the need to balance characters, but there's no reason for Goro to do as little damage as he does. Jax seems to do a ton more per hit (okay, metal arms, but...) and is an absolute brute if you can get someone in the corner.

Inferno Scorpion is surely the cheapest character in the game. I wish there was more of a cooldown after the demon grabs/kicks, so you couldn't spam them so much. It wouldn't affect how useful they were because it wouldn't interfere with following up with other moves/combos, but it would mean you couldn't just spam that one move over and over and over until the opponent just dies of chip damage.

I'm determined to get better with Jax until I hop back online. He seems really fun to play, and doesn't require knowledge of lots of complex combos.