Another UMK3 Genesis Update


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Hi Everyone, I'm new here but been a MK fan pretty much since its debut, but anyway if you are a fan of the 16-bit MK game era(Genesis in this case), you will enjoy this. Another talented Russian named Nemesis has taken a crack at creating a more correct Genesis version of UMK3, unlike the two previous Genesis hacks that you may or may-not be familiar with, Ultimate MK Trilogy by Kabal_MK and MK Revelations by Smoke which has alot of extra characters and new dial-a-combos, this version imo is what the original Genesis UMK3(and SNES for that matter) should have been like if it wasn't for the restrictions, here are some videos, pay attention to the details::cool:

Game-play Test

Endurance Mode Returns From MK3

Hidden Portal(Smoke's Portal) From MK3

Jade's Original UMK3 Fight Stance Returns

More Added To The Treasures Of Shao Kahn


From want I can see it's shaping up to be a nice update for a 16 year old game, so what do you all think about it?