Another Scorpion Turned Smoke + My New Signature


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Well with the release of the new Scorpion render I thought it might be time for me to get a new forum signature. After all I've had this one for a few years now. Some of you oldy goldies might remember I made a photoshop of Smoke from a render of MKA Scorpion. I thought I'd renew that work with the new render. So without further ado:


Now before you go saying "YOU SUXORZ! All joo didz was change color and mask mess up makings!" I will say this. You are exactly correct. I didn't do much, I didn't intend to do much, but I did it and here it is. Some of you might think it's neat.

As for my new signature, well that was the true purpose of this exercise. Here I have three varieties. A straight cropping which I found boring. One with difference smoke in the background which I personally like best, and one with an all smoke background that my friend likes best. Tell me which one you guys like!



I know I said I wouldn't post again... but I just wanted to say I like the palette swap you did... and if anyone says what you did is lame and sux... then that's basically saying what Boon and Tobias have done in previous MK games are also that... As for your new banner... I personally like the one with the grayish/white smoke back drop... the blue is nice... but the grayish/white is more befitting of Smoke...
HOLY ****, that's awesome!!! I was just about to ask if anyone got an update from that eye of the storm thing, and it looks like we have!
Third one is definately best bro. Don't like how you can still see the background on the second one.
Well for the way I do pallette swaps this is sort of a first step. I greyscale it then use the overlay brush to add a richer color than if I had used the hue or color brush. I find this way preserves some of the depth that the color originally had. I did a quick swap of this to Reptile late last night and it looked good. But I think my next step is to remove the ninja from the background completely so I can swap colors and add new backgrounds. If you want me to do more just say so, it's kinda fun and not too taxing.
yeah looks good you should be able to easily render that so you can swap backgrounds, maybe try blending smoke in a little more, but the background smoke looks cool as hell