Another game koming to coincide with the new movie?


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Take it with a grain of salt, but this producer of the new Mk movie claims there’ll be another iteration of the games released by the time the new movie is out. I’m sure it won’t be another mainline game, so Id assume that if this is true, it’d be a Shaolin Monks sequel or some other type of action adventure game
Eh, I don't know … sounds more like he's estimating rather than knowing, based on the franchise's history.

Good to know about trying to be authentic with the nationalities, though.
You’re probably right. My only hope is a Shaolin Monks 2, which Bruno Velasquez of Sony Santa Monica has been quite vocal about on Twitter lately. I don’t want to get hopes up but maybe they’re doing it?
Unless there is both an official movie trailer and a final release date, consider these reports to be bullshit.

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Are rumors like this still considered just rumors or is there something cooking?

So far, just considered rumors.

The "big news for Mortal Kombat in 2020" that Ed Boon stated at the Brazil Game Show likely has to do with the following data mined / leaked things coming to MK11........ (WARNING, spoilers below for possible content to come):

- Friendships
- The Soul Chamber Stage
- The Dead Pool Stage
- Kombat Pack 2 (of which Fujin, Sheeva and Ash Williams were already data mined)
Every NRS game released (Even with Ed Boon lying about it ) has done so every two years. Like many here have already stated it's just a rumor and nothing more. They're already knee deep in developing Injustice 3 so I wouldn't expect anything more than MK11 DLC at this point.
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