Angel Beats!: Reaper's Bet!


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Well, after finishing Angel Beats, the plotbunnies began to attack me. I attempted to ward them off, but alas, I failed. Henceforth, I release this horrendous literature upon the forum. I pray that you forgive me.



Some time ago;

Wake up.

Wake up, C7.

On your feet!

Groaning, C7 let her eyes flicker open, the image of a boundless night sky unfolding before her. Snapping to attention in a moment, she sprang off the ground and into a ready stance, eyes darting around while her mind struggled to comprehend this sudden development.

This isn't right. I was in...the clan infirmary. I died. They were with me and I died.

Grimacing, she looked down - and noted that she was still wearing her scarf - curiously free of burns and tatters - and apparently some kind of school uniform. Furrowing her brow, she reached down and began to gently prod her left side, just underneath her arm. When no intense pain lanced through her, C7 let her other arm drop.

Hm. So my injury is healed, somehow. But what is this place?

Maneuvering into the shadows, C7 began to prowl around her new surroundings. They were expansive - huge, even, far larger than her clan's complex - and appeared to be, she noted after several minutes - a school of some sort. Frowning, she began to climb to the highest point of the complex - but was stopped by a curious sight. A boy, of roughly the same age, was on the floor a few meters away. Softly dropping down from her impromptu perch, C7 crept closer to the unconscious form.

Someone in the same predicament as me?

Hesitating, she drew back slightly, but then reasoned that this boy could in all likelihood do no harm to her. Walking over to him, she crouched down, and placed a hand on his back, shaking him slightly.

"You. Wake, please." She asked, pausing for a brief moment. When she was answered with silence, C7 resumed gently shaking the boy. "I said, get up." She spoke, voice slightly harsher. When she had finally had enough of the situation, she turned him around, and slapped him around the face.

At once, his eyes snapped open, along with his mouth. Although the night masked some of his features, his eyes were wild, and frantic. Suddenly screaming, he leapt forward, tackling C7 to the ground. Lashing out like an animal, he attempted to get a hold of her, only succeeding in nicking her cheek with his nails.

The boy's insane! I need to finish this before he actually does something.

C7 promply sent her elbow up into the boy's jaw, sending him up slightly. Following it up with a swift strike to the abdomen - meant to wind, not do damage - she sent the boy onto the floor with an unceromonious blow to the head. Wiping the blood from the scratch on her cheek, she narrowed her eyes, observing the again unconscious boy. He was of medium build, and he obviously had strength. Shoulder-length dark hair shone in the minimal light.

He was trying to kill He thought I was an attacker. He was trying to protect himself. But so viciously?

As she wondered about the nature of the first face she had encountered here, the sound of voices - young, and alarmed - became evident to her. Turning around, she watched through a window as torches illuminated a corridor to her left, followed by several shadowed forms. Deciding to make her escape before anybody else could make an attempt to tear her throat out, C7 went back the way she had came, and made for the nearest shelter that wasn't part of this school. Once there, she could plan.


Shiina! Wake up!

Eyes snapping open, Shiina stood from where she had been resting, leaning against the wall. They had finally defeated the last of the Shadows - and with Yuri's return, they could all finally pass on, and begin their life anew. Shiina would be lying if she said she hadn't been anticipating it for some time, but she had also grown comfortable with the life afforded to her by the Battlefront and her friends. That being said, she was more than ready herself to disappear, but something didn't feel right. Looking at the person who had woken her - Hinata-kun, she noted - she spoke quietly. "Why have you woken me?" Hinata's reply was brief, but perked her interest.

"Something's happened. We can't leave just yet."