An Answer to Playstation's Handicapped Controller?

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
First reported on <A TARGET="_top" HREF="">MK4 Dominion</A>, Next-Generation <A HREF="">reports</A> that Z Products has developed a plastic disc that attaches over the PSX controler's directional pad with rubber straps. The disc eliminates the PSX's clumsy directional pad and allows you to hit diagonals flawlessly. The PSX controls was a major concern in the <A TARGET="_top" HREF="prod/vtxe3mkm.html">Gamer's Perspective of MKM</A>. Perhaps this little attachment is worth the $7.00 to avoid numerous migrains while playing the PSX version of MK Mythologies. The add-on should be in stores everywhere before the MK Mythologies release date of October