Alternate costume kombat codes

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Hello there, I'm new to the forums and actually made this account to post something I kinda found out on MK2011.
Yesterday I was playing with a bunch of ppl and did not even know about the kombat codes thing in the loading screen, so we started inputing random codes as we were having our versus matches and I came in with two strange results I can't remember the codes i had put in -_- :

1- Unmasked sub zero much like his cartoon appearance:

I chose sub zero and input some code i dont remember and when the fight started, sub zero came in like that

2-Noob/Smoke duo:
I chose Noob Saibot and input another code i dont remember and when the fight started Noob saibot had the aspect of his shadow (as he was in MKT) very dark but with some light transparency (like he is in his secret fight) and whenever I used any of his special moves that would summon his shadow, instead smoke showed up (without any damage change).

If anyone out there knows the code please post in, since Ive been looking everywhere and cant find it, also it would be good to share with the entire community and add the codes to the know list. Anyways, Ill try to input codes when I play, but if anyone else can help me i would appreciate alot.


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They have nothing to do with the kombat kodes. You just choose Sub-Zero's MK3 alternate by pressing start and choosing it. And the Noob/Smoke glitch happens when you choose Noob's MK2 alternate and press start instead of X. But welcome to the boards!