All Things Cassie Cage!


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So I threw together a Video of Cassie's X-Ray, Fatalities, Brutalities & Ending. This Video includes the 2 hidden Brutalities, an EX Version of the Nut Punch & The REALLY Odd "American Way" Brutality



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I'll just come right out and say it- even though I didn't like Cassie or the concept behind her when she was first announced, she's grown on me.
- I like her characterization in story mode, like the kind of girl you can kick back, have a beer with and chat with her about cars but dead serious when it comes down to business.

-And she's a lot of fun to play with, a button masher's dream like I've stated in another thread. Any old monkey can pick her in the game and expect to make her brawl with ease, kind of like Scorpion and Liu Kang. I was always a fan of Johnny Cage and Cassie's a great continuation of his lineage for future games.

Don't get me wrong, Kitana's still my main girl, but Cassie has taken over #2 on my list. My only gripe with Cassie so far is her haircut, I'm not digging the shaved sides but it's not that big of an issue.


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Well I like her second fatality but her first one isn't the best. She is a good character. I like that she had a little bit of both Johnny and Sonya's attitudes in her. Her brutalities are good and some are funny.