Alien Evil (Alien/Resident Evil Fanfic)


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Well here's the Alien/Resident Evil fanfic I promised.

"We'll be stoping in 4 minuites, get prepped people!" Wesker, the leader of S.T.A.R.S Alpha Team shouted. It was late at night and the S.T.A.R.S Alpha Team was being sent in to look for the missing Bravo Team, who they lost contact to after the Bravo Team was sent in to investigate a train gone missing, while also investigating apparent cults in the woods witch involved body's being found with there chest being torn open.

"Nervous Ash?" Chris Redfield asked

"No why?" Ash Cooper asked, Ash was a mystery to everyone on the Alpha Team, He rarely spoke about himself or his life, He was also the scientist of the team and the oldest one on Alpha Tram, being some where in his mid-40's.

"You look nervous." Chris said

"Just hate going into dark forests." Ash said, twitching a little

"Don't be nervous Ash, this will probably be just a whole waste of time if were lucky." Jill Valentine said

"That's what I'm Hoping." Ash said

"Were touching down now!" Bard Vickers shouted.

The helicopter touched down and all of the S.T.A.R.S members got out and spread out, the search lasted about 30 minutes, and nothing was found.

"This is Frost I've got nothing over I'm gonna-" Joseph Frost said before hearing a noise in the bushes, he went over to investigate it, but then all of sudden a crab like creature jumped out and attached itself to his face and wrapped it's tail around his neck tightly.

"Joseph are you there, Joseph come in." Jill said

"I'll go check it out." said Chris, going over to his last known location. It took about ten minutes to get to where Frost's last location was and when he got there, he heard muffled screams, so he went cautiously, he went around a bush and saw Frost lying on the ground with some kind of crab attached to his face, Chris then hurried over and tried to pull it off but the crabs response was to tighten itself around Frosts neck.

Then he heard movement in the bushes and got out his gun and aimed at where he heard the noise, and out came two black looking creatures, who had no visible eyes and skeletal like body and a razor sharp tail.

Chris took a moment to take in what he was seeing but before he could even fire his gun, one of them jumped at him and as it jumped on him he fired off a round.

"What was that?" Jill asked

"Sounded like a gunshot, we should go check it out, Ash come with me." Barry said.

"Yes sir." Ash said as him and Barry ran off to go investigate the noise.

Meanwhile Chris was struggling to get the thing off him, it kept on trying to shoot it's tongue through his forehead, Chris using every once of his strength, threw off to the side and quickly fired at it's head witch then exploded, sending green blood onto Chris's arm, but Chris quickly realized that it was acid that it was bleeding and it was dissolving onto Chris's skin and it hurt like hell.

Chris quickly tried to cover it up but he failed to notice that the second one was about to jump at him when two more gun shoots were heard and the second one went down, Chris looked over and saw Barry and Ash running over to him.

"Chris, are you alright?" Barry asked

"Well minus the acid thats going through my arm I'm doing okay." Chris said

"Let me try and help." Ash said, taking out a medkit, and whipping some of the acid off and applying bandages to his arm.

"Thanks doc." Chris said, but before Ash could say anything else, Jill ran up to them and yelled "Brad just left us here!"

"What!?" Chris said, then Wesker came over and said "We need to find shelter and call him back."

"Alright but where should we go?" Barry asked, but before Wesker could respond, more rustling in the bushes was heard and Chris said "We need to run, NOW!"


"No time to explain just run!" Chris shouted as he got up and began to run and the other S.T.A.R.S. followed in suite.

"What exactly are we running from?" Jill asked, but her response was something grabbing her leg and making her fall over, she looked over and one of those black creatures was on her, Chris quickly came over and kicked it off and shot at it until it was dead.

"That." Chris said, getting Jill back up on her feet and continued running.

The chase lasted for what felt like forever with some of the S.T.A.R.S. members taking occasional shots to try and slow the creatures down (At one point Ash took a shot that scraped Chris's right shoulder).

"Hey, I think I see a structure up ahead!" Barry shouted "Looks almost like a mansion."

"Quick, everyone get to the mansion." Wesker shouted, as all the S.T.A.R.S. members ran to the mansion, they quickly got in and shut the doors behind them and held the doors back as the creatures tried to bust there way through but suddenly stopped, and Wesker looked out a window to see that they were all retreating.

"It's okay there pulling back." Wesker said as Jill and Chris got off the door.

"What were those things?" Jill asked

"I don't know." Chris said, and he then noticed that Ash and Barry weren't with them.

"Wait, where's Barry and Ash?" Chris asked, but before Jill could respond a scream was heard from another room.

"What was that?" Jill asked

"I'm not sure, I'm gonna go check it out, stay here with Wesker." Chris said, as he went to the doors that led to the scream.

"Chris wait, your been shot, your bleeding." Jill said, Chris with his hand on the doorknob looked over at Jill and said "I ain't got time to bleed." before going through the door.

Meanwhile back in the Forest, Frost had just regainedconsciousness and looked around at his surroundings wondering what had happened, but before he could think of anything else and sudden pain was going through his chest and it felt like it was going to explode, he let out a yell of pain before his chest exploded and a small creature came out want went out into the dark forest leaving Frosts body behind.
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Terrible. I've no idea what the hell is going on, no explanation as to why Xenomorphs (who do not resemble dogs at all) are hanging out around a random mansion and not even a shred of a reason as to why STARS was investigating the area. Sorry but this is bad.


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I'm sorry Yantja but I have to agree with BBBLP on this. Basically what you did was take the first opening scene of Resident Evil one and put an alien in it with some zombie dogs to relate with the RE fans. No backstory isn't here and to be honest I'm not interested at the moment.

Note do not get discouraged but make it better


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I agree with the others, but you did a good job on the cheesy dialogue though :top:

Back story is key in a cross over, they generally explain why Aliens are here with the RE cast and how Ash joined the S.T.A.R.S.. Look at my "The Last Sample" Fic, I didn't jump straight into the story, I took the time to write a small description of what's going on because my story doesn't relate to the original timeline and I didn't want to confuse anyone. Cross overs are kinda lame, I'm going to be honest. Think outside the box.. PM me if you're looking for RE plot ideas for a Fic, I wouldn't mind helping.

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You should write a prologue where Wesker is giving the orientation at the RPD.

"Disappearances, my shades are awesome, I hate Chris Redfield, mansion incident, Bravo Team gone missing, Jill is hot, etc."


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Yeah I kinda rushed this chapter and I'm sorry for it, if you guys want I could redo the first one, also Low Punch when I said "Dog Like Creatures" I referred to the Cerberus's


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I mean it is better, but why in the holy fuhk are they looking for a lost train in the woods?


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Lol, Zero was actually my very first RE game.

But that is why Crossover fan fics suck, you have to introduce readers to both mythos, otherwise they are lost.