Alan wake to be removed from steam and xbox store on 5/15/ 17


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To those who are interested and never played the original 360 game nows the time. Due to music license copyright conflicts, Alan Wake plus all it's dlc is being removed from steam and the xbox store on MAY 15. Apparently there's a sale going on Saturday on steam according to neogaf. l'm too lazy to post the links but a simple google search should give you all the info. This is why a digital only future sucks ass. You were warned.
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This is why a digital only future sucks ass. You were warned.

This is why I still buy physical discs for all my games, among some other reasons (i.e. - install vs DL bandwidth etc, etc, etc), for as long as possible until the foreseeable future.
It sucks to know that the future will be one in which no game that you own will truly be yours.
Sure, folks could say that I'm wearing a tin-foil hat, but I'll gladly wear that tin-foil hat and know that the games that I own I'll always be a ble to play.
From what I'm gathering you can still re download the game if you already purchased the game and DLC on xbox or steam account before the time expires. If you bought quantum break physical ( this is how I got the game so idk about the digital version ) than it comes with Alan Wake and the two added DLCs code. Alan Wake American nightmare is it's own stand alone game so you have to purchase it separately. I don't know if American nightmare will be pulled as well but I recommend picking it up to be on the safe side of things.
Physical has its pros and cons. So does digital. So I am split between the two of them, physical is nice to have, but the disc itself starts to wear down yeah you have to get a no-cd crack, but so much for playing online. Digital doesn't but it could be gone at any time but it's permanently on your HDD and it doesn't wear down and you have it for life if you backed up the folder it came in along with any files.

Sad to hear bout Alan Wake but I wasn't a fan of it and it sucks for Remedy. Hope sales on Amazon for it on PC will change Valve/Microsoft's mind but I guess not.