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Holy shit [MENTION=5232]Ricochetmatt[/MENTION] nice collection! Decent photography on some of em too!

Thanks! A few of them were taken with my old camera, hence the poor quality on them. But oh well. Gets the point across. lol Those photos are actually pretty old (I don't even live in that house anymore), I've gotten a lot more since then. Including some nice Kotobukiya DC statues (Superman, Aquaman and The Flash). Also a really badass Magneto statue:


Haven't taken any photographs of the newer stuff, though.


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I got my SH Figuarts Vegeta in the mail this morning. I absolutely love it. A bit smaller than what I was expecting but it's still kick ass nonetheless.

I'll be taking more pics later today.

IT'S OVER 9000!

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I kept my collection of action toys since I was a kid, at the least those who could "survive".

They are various, from cartoons (Scooby-Doo, Blight [Batman Beyond], a numerous collection of Dragon Ball characters, Digimon, Pokemon, The Mask, etc.), comic books (Batman, Beast, Superman, Apocalypse, Spider-Man, Venom, etc.) and movies (Batman, The Mask, Green Goblin from 2002 movie, etc.), real life (Michael Jordan), non famous action figures, big toys, small toys...

I see that [MENTION=5866]nemesiswontdie[/MENTION] likes Dragon Ball, as I said, I got a small but variate collection. So I want to post one of my possessions that you may like:

2014-08-04 20.07.32.jpg

But what I really want to ask you is other thing. When I was a kid, there were many action figures that we bought but some weren't recognizable. I was just a kid and in my country some charcaters are not that famous, while others are too much.

Also, we know that designs always change. I spend years to know that Blight was an enemy of Batman (Terry) in Batman Beyond Series (I knew was an enemy of Batman, but when I bought I haven't watched the series yet).

I wanna know from you. Do you know who is this guy? He has always been one of my favorites, I named him from my mind, but I don't know his origins. Does any of you know him?

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Ha, SSJ4. I haven't watched GT and I probably wont. I've only seen like half an episode of it and I wasn't a fan at all.

I'd tell you what that figure is but it's a broken link and it looks like you already figured it out.

Well, after messing around with Vegeta and putting him in different poses and inspecting him, Imma give him a 9/10.

Articulation is amazing.
Sculpt is spot on
Paint Job is spectacular
Accessories out the ass

Only 6 inches. For a collectible figure, it should be taller (around 9-10 inches) in my opinion
The scouter that goes on his head does not fit good at all. It's not even worth the hassle of trying to get it on properly.

9/10 from me. 0.5 off for the scouter and 0.5 off for the size. Other than those two complaints, it's a kick ass figure. It is THE DBZ figure you wanted when you were a kid.

(Crossed arms included, but not shown)

I took a picture of this face because of the sweat detail wouldn't show up in the other picture.

That little gray flap is the only thing that is supposed to keep the scouter on his face, which is why it's such a bish to put/keep on.

Two energy blast, two tails (one that hangs and one that wraps around his waist (not shown)) and 2 peg stands for the blasts.



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I was just talking to my friends last night about how Android 16 is my favorite Android from the DBZ series and if SH Figuarts ever decided to make a figure of him I would definitely buy it.

Well time to start putting money aside.

He doesn't come out till February or March though. My only complaint is I don't think it comes with too many accessories. Just a few different faces and that's it. As stupid as it is, I was hoping he would come with a hand that has a bird on it or something. I think that would be a really cool little accessory.


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So for awhile I've been looking for a glass display case so I would finally have a good place to put figures. I went to Ikea and found one I liked for a great price so I decided to bite the bullet and buy it.

I have a lot of room to fill but that'll come with time. I saw these little light strips that change colors at Ikea too so I might go back and get those so it'll look even more sweet.


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Update on the display case so far.

I got my Ques Q P3P Gekkoukan High Uniformed Aigis and the Figma P4A Labyrs today. Aigis is absolutely beautiful in person. Pictures and videos do not do her justice. Figma Labrys on the other hand was by far the worst piece of plastic I've ever had to deal with. Right out of her box, her leg just fell off. It didn't snap off, it just fvcking fell off like it wasn't even put together. Then I tried getting it to snap in and it still didn't work, but it did hold. While trying to pose her in the display case, her other leg just fell off. I said fvck it and I'm filing a return for it. No way did I spend $80 for a bunk ass figure that basically wasn't even put together. I plan on replacing her with the SH Figuarts Goku.

(sorry about the flash, I just now realized how bad it looks and I'm too lazy to re shoot)

I've been getting Robot Damashii Gundam Wing figures and Bandai Gunpla models (building them obviously).

Here are two examples of my Gunpla models:

Exia Dark Matter

Build Burning Gundam

I also got the D-Arts Ultimate Armor X and Black Zero figures as well, as I am a huge fan of the MegaMan X series.

I'll post more what I got when I come home from work.

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Fighting game characters have always fit the action figures well. Onaga (the Dragon King) should be an action figure.


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I finally filled up the top shelf of my glass display case. I got SSJ Goku about 2 or 3 weeks ago and I got Android 18 today at Barns and Noble for $40 which is a great deal considering she goes for $60+ on eBay and she's pretty much sold out everywhere else.



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So stoked to see all the SMT and Persona stuff come out of Winter Wonder Festival in Japan. So many things to put money aside for!

MINAKO STATUE! Also what looks like a light up Evoker.

Figma P4AU Yu Narukami

My reaction to all these
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This makes me realize I need a display case like that. And a bigger room, lol.

View attachment 7575
My Levi figma.

If you're talking about my display case, you can find the same one at IKEA for only $75 which is a pretty good deal. I see a bunch of collectors with the same display cases actually. I recommend getting one. It's decently easy to put together if you have at least 2 people and you both know how to handle glass.

I went out to this mall that's 30 minutes away from me because they have a Barnes and Noble and B&N are the only place that I know that sells Figuarts DBZ figures. Walked in and looked around for half an hour and didn't find shit besides a few Kotobukiya Star Wars kits (Darth Vader and 2 Storm Trooper set). Disheartened I still looked around and found a Vintage Stock store and decided to look around there. I'm glad I did too because I found a Kotobukiya Yu Yu Hakusho Yusuke Urameshi figure for a great price. He goes for around $100+ on eBay ($60+ for the Chinese bootleg) and I scored him for only $40.

He didn't come with much besides his base, jacket and Pu (his spirit beast form). Pu and Yusukes head both have magnets in them so it wont fall off his head. A pretty cool idea that seems like figure companies are picking up on. My Ques Q P4A Elizabeth also has a magnet in her head so her hat wont fall off.

Now I need to find a Kuwabara figure to pose next to Yusuke.