About MK4, new member, great old warrior!


New member
Hi Kombatents,

I'm new here but not novice at all with the game. My favorite version is MK4 and I play indifferently w/ Subzero, Raiden, Scorpion and Liu Kung.

At present, I just have got two questions to ask you Warriors:

1. Where can I find a downloadable version of MK4 pc version?
2. Is there any way to play MK4 online against another player?
Could this work?:

1. Try google it could help out with whether MK4 is on pc
2. Won't be able to play MK4 online against someone else
1) The PC version of MK4 is out of print (however, I know for a fact that it is compatible with Windows 98, which is also out of print).
2) Online gaming wasn't even born yet when MK4 was released. In fact, MK4 was released during the era when the vast majority of the internet population was dial-up.