A Spy and A Reporter

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Destruction and chaos was raising and spreading through China as the unleashed C-Virus populated the area. Neo-Umbrella was planning on world destruction, hitting all main countries and cities to send a message to the world that Umbrella was making a deadly return. But only one operative of Neo-Umbrella was out on the field, doing the hands-on work. Neo-Umbrella only needed this one person. A woman. A woman by the name of...Ada Wong.

Ada was inside one of the many skyscrapers in China but one of the few that wasn't full of C-Virus infected. She had broke into one of the offices, sitting at the former bosses's desk with her legs resting on the dark wood. Her assignment was going FAN-TASTICALLY so she decided to pull her PDA out of her jacket, going over her objectives to pass the time. "Hmmm, so my main threat is Chris Redfield. His deluded rage will get the best of him. Leon also plays an interesting role here. I'd hate to get him hurt, especially after all we've been through." Ada then put her PDA on the desk, sitting straight in her chair. "Chris Redfield's partner...let's see. Here he is. Piers Nievans. Hmm, combat experience, substantial. Seems like he has the smarts and it says here that he put Chris back into shape."

Ada was about to look up Helena Harper's profile when suddenly she noticed a shadow in the room. Ada smirked and drew her pistol, aiming at the doorway. "I've got you. Show yourself." Then suddenly, Ada heard a very, nonchalant voice.

"You don't have to be so aggressive. I'm just here for a story."

"A story?"

In came an Asian woman with such immense beauty that it even rivaled Ada's. She was sporting a beige blouse and a black skirt and she was holding a video camera in her left hand. "Rebecca Chang. Channel 6 Action News. Well, channel 6 in America, not around here."

"A reporter? How did you even manage to survive this long?"

"I'm more of a...hands-on reporter. I won't let an outbreak stop me from getting the story around here. And I've noticed that you've been a key factor in what's going on here. I'd like to ask you some questions."

"I'd like you to leave."

"Oh come on, I traveled all this way. Just give me a little time."

"...Fine." Ada crossed her arms. "But no video footage of me. No names either. If I find out you used my name, you won't live to see your report on TV."

Rebecca just rolled her eyes and took out her notepad. "What's your name anyway?"

"Ada. Ada Wong."

"Ada Wong huh? Chinese?"


"Me too! Well, looks like we could be similar. I've noticed how devious and nonchalant you are. I'm the same way."

"I guess so."

Ada and Rebecca conversed for a good hour before Rebecca ran out of notepad space, sighing in frustration. Ada then got up out of her chair, walking over to Rebecca, sizing her up. Rebecca gave her a confused look before Ada took off one of Rebecca's earrings, containing a video camera. Rebecca cringed in failure, being exposed.

"I thought I said no video footage of me! But you know what, I'll let it slide."

Rebecca looked at her in shock, due to the fact that she was expecting punishment. "But...why?"

"You remind me of me. You got the looks. The attitude. And the skills to survive. A one-woman army. Tell me, where's your news crew?"

"They all left when the outbreak spread massively."

"I figured. A lone wolf. A brave soul. I have to give you that, Rebecca. You're much more of a woman than a lot of the women in this world. Make sure that report gets out. The whole world needs to know about what's happening here." Ada then stood behind the news reporter, whispering into her ear, "But if I see my name...I will kill you."

Ada patted her on the shoulder and shot a bullet at the glass window, letting it shatter. She then aimed her grapple gun and latched it onto a nearby roof before winking at Rebecca, pulling the trigger, propelling herself to the building. Rebecca sat here in the same chair, completely astonished. She took a deep breath and scratched her neck before the doors busted open behind her.

"Dammit! She got away."

"Who are you?"

"Leon Kennedy. Government Agent. Were you just talking to---"

"Yeah. Hey, I could use an escort out of here. You up for the job?"

"...Not like I have a choice."

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Words can't explain how shocked I am, but I feel stupid at the same time.

Reporter and Spy, I seen spy and Ada Immediately came to mind but I didn't expect to see Rebecca in this. Good shit man, looking forward to chapter 2.

Frank West vs Chris Redfield maybe? :rolleyes:
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"Leon I need help!"
"I'm coming Ashley... wait a minute, nope"

It would have been dope as shit if it was Franky :love:
That's what I figured cause its a reporter from RE, they don't last long.

Jk I don't know but a Frank West appearance :D