A pribcess's Struggle


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wassup every one this is my new story which is a mix between Final fantasy an Mortal Kombat which also means it's gonna be a lengthy start but i assure there will be blood and mind the typo above i was in a bit of a rush to get it up


In a world known as the Reaches a war of unimaginable proportions has taken place the Outerlands is locked in a bloody struggle with Gran Terra. Leading the Outerlands is Emperor Khan who is viewed by many as a hero but to outsiders an ignorant dictator. Leading Gran Terra is the revered Shujinko the only mortal alive to have a spirtual connection to the Espers and Raijin the legendary thunder god and guardian of Grand Terra. This story will transgress through the eyes of a young woman Kitana one of the last Edenians and one of the adoptive daughters of Khan. Though desperate for his acknowledgment Kitana will soon uncover a new light within the enemy lines and disturbing secrets that have been hidden from her for so long.............

Chapter 1
within the heart the Outerlands lied the bustling metropolis of Lei Chen. Life seemed pretty stable as commuters live out their daily routines and solicited with each other. Within the heart of the city lied the fortified Makeba academy attended by the well-known and often pursued princess Kitana and her sister Mileena, the last of the Edenians. Kitana was a hardy and somewhat tomboyish in personality. She had always yearned for adventure which isn't a surprise among youths who have been confined to long while her sister Mileena was a bit more cautious and at times quite bashful though she is open to her sister and won't hesitate to speak her mind when need be.

“And so another day passes and I return cooped up in father's castle.” Kitana said to herself.

“Kitana your complaining is getting very old now.” Mileena replied fed up with her sisters repetitive sputtering.

“Says you!” Kitana retaliated.

“You get to take part in Father's Grand Conquest while me. I have to stay in the castle and study for however long the Elder Gods know and....

“SHHH! You know how father feels about that word!” Mileena interrupted look I only joined so you can succeed father without worry and besides it is time you started looking for a good suitor as well. Mileena winked and with her sole open eye directed Kitana as a whole towards the ever popular young man sitting on the stone stair rail. His name was Rain, a prodigious son of the commander of Khan's army and was often desired by the lasses of the Outerlands though he did have his eyes on the beautiful Kitana though she saw nothing of interest in his personality or appearance.

“Well hello their ladies.” Rain waved jumping of the rail.

“Oh uh hello Rain.” Mileena said nervously before elbowing her aloof sister.

“Aren't you going to say something Kitana?”

“Tsk hello.” Kitana begrudgingly uttered.

“KITANA!” Mileena cried out sensing the attitude in Kitana's tongue. Rain only laughed it off knowing this is how she acts towards every potential male suitor.

“So you're still the rose with thorns I see.” Rain said rubbing his silky smooth hair back.

“And I see you have the persistence of an endless river.” Kitana remarked. Noticing that Jade and Ermac have finally arrived to pick up them up, Mileena gets in between the unstable tension her sister was generating towards Rain.

“Well it was nice to see you Rain, but our ride is hear so we will see you tomorrow!” Mileena said pushing Kitana towards the waiting duo.

“Of all the years I have known as my sister never will I understand why do you tend to be so mean.”

“Cause “slicky” over there is way to full of himself.” Kitana remarked.

“But he is the best potential suitor for you Kitana.” Mileena pleaded.

“LIKE HELL HE IS!” Kitana blurted out.

“Quite a foul mouth you have their.” Jade said. Along with the sisters Jade to was an Edenian but she lacked the royal blood that the sisters bore. Despite this her presence is rewarded with respect from the lower class citizens of the Outerlands. She often acted as an older sister for the two playing the voice of reason if they found themselves in an disagreement.

“We thought we taught you better than to use such vulgar language Kitana.” Ermac said. Ermac is a living weapon known as an amalgamate, a fusion of souls created for war purposes, however Ermac was unique. Since the concentration of souls would deteriorate a typical Amalgamate's mind which somehow Ermac not only manage to retain his sanity, he also could learn more and more becoming more experienced by the minute which lead him into being the bodyguard of the sisters. Due to Khan's common absence because of his current conquest Ermac fills in a something of a fatherly role among the two though he will never go beyond the nagging point. Kitana in particular always adored his presence and has learned a lot from him alone compared to her father who always had to sacrifice time with his daughters for the well being of his country.

“Sorry it's just....” Kitana apologized

“Whatever it was i'm positive that it can be discussed at the palace.” Ermac assured opening the limo door for the girls.

“Yeah your right besides i'm to hungry right now to talk about anything right now.”

“Funny no matter how much you eat you never seem to gain any kind of weight.” Mileena pointed out

“Isn't it obvious it all goes to her boobs.” Jade joked causing Kitana to cover up her bosom in embarrassment due to their noticeable size.

“Says the one who has all the food go to her rump.” Kitana retaliated making Jade double check her bottom and realize how big it was. The girls laughed among themselves while Ermac simply held his head down and stroked his eyebrows with his thumb and finger clearly annoyed by the lack of maturity although under his mask he was smiling quite a bit. An hours drive had past when the four finally arrived to the colossal palace of Shao Khan where amidst the royalty and benefits it was nothing more than a prison to Kitana.

“And so we are home...” Kitana lamented. As the rest followed they walk into two armored guards with their halberds leaning down crossing each other in front of the door as a way to prevent uninvited guest from entering. Upon walking up to the door the guards immediately straighten up their weapons, moving them out of the way of the residents as a show of respect. Kitana was the first to go in nonchalantly pushing open the giant doors end revealing a towering hall of riches and reilics of past times. Adjacent from the hall lied the secretive war room with the proud general Reiko in the back conversing with several other commanders. Further down was a sealed door all the chained down with an ethereal-like veil covering it what ever truly went on down there it was possibly the only area not even Kitana would dare venture to. Opposite of the two rooms lied the armory which was being guarded by the head Tarkatan Baraka who was barking orders at the lesser individuals as they frantically worked on constructing more weapons for the needy army. At the end of the hall stood the royal advisor Shang Tsung waiting to greet the Princesses' arrival

“Ah Kitana and Mileena you have finally arrived” Shang Tsung said bowing his head down.

“Hey Tsung do you know where our father is” Mileena asked.

“Unfortunately he is still away on his conquest.” Shang Tsung answered.”

“Typical of pops...” Kitana said before getting elbowed by Jade.

“So whats to eat?”

“Well something special why don't you come to the dining hall.” Shang Tsung replied opening the door for the group guiding them in with an open hand. This night it was a particular feast of Sun Do boar and the rarest bread and vegetables exported from distant lands. After the feast the girls left for their bedchambers and after taking turns on the shower they head to their beds ready for tomorrow. While Mileena was fast asleep Kitana was unusually restless unable to go to sleep even after watching TV for what seemed to be hours she couldn't go to sleep. With no other options she simply retreated to her inner thoughts of personal issues.

“another day has passed and nothing as usual is going on I don't ever get to do anything outside this damn castle even my sister gets to go out on special missions. If only my father would just give me a chance to prove myself then maybe I'll get acknowledged like the princess i'm supposed to be.” suddenly a stange banging noise from beyond breaks up the silence both Mileena and Kitana sprung up in shock.

“What was that?” Mileena whispered

“I don't know.” Kitana said but it's coming from out side. The two got up from there beds and slowly walked up to the window gently and quietly cracking it open. From out side they see several shadowy figures and the bloody remains of the Guards that stood at the door. Kitana covered her mouth horrified at the grisly scene.

“wh whats going on” Kitana whispered.”

“They're back...” Mileena said.

“Who is back? whats going on?” Kitana demanded. As her sister is about to answer two black hands emerge from the darkness and grab the two girls startling them.
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Excellent! Finally got to read an entire chapter after all that teasing with snippets lol. I can't wait to see how this progresses. :P

Also if I remember right, you had drawn some of the characters, you could include it with a small bio with stats at the end of each update or chapter, it would be a good addition. Its not everyday we come across someone who is a good storyteller and draws equally well. :p
OMFFFFFFFFFG!!! Cliff hangers!!!


Amazing story man, I'm looking forward to seeing what you're going to do with Mileena since she doesn't have the Sister rivalry thing going on. :]

Your title, A Princess' Struggle*

That really bugs me :laugh:
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Amazing story man, I'm looking forward to seeing what you're going to do with Mileena since she doesn't have the Sister rivalry thing going on. :]

Your title, A Princess' Struggle*

That really bugs me :laugh:

I know i know but it was all me and Mizore can come up with and about Mileena she could possibly be the most dynamic character in this story
I know i know but it was all me and Mizore can come up with and about Mileena she could possibly be the most dynamic character in this story

.... My wall is covered in man juice..

Mileena :love:

Will she remain good though? I hope so :L
So I read this.

And for some reason, I kept thinking of a tuna sandwich. Hmm...

Anyway, nice work Byrd! I'm glad that you're using the old Mileena timeline and Kitana seems to be quite the character!

The way you described Ermac's reaction to their immaturity made me laugh so hard :laugh:

I hope Shang Tsung is awesome too =D
Frikin awesome, but I'm such a n00b that the most attention comes from all the better kombatants. Frick.

No doubt about it, I pretty much SUCK...
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So I read this.

And for some reason, I kept thinking of a tuna sandwich. Hmm...

Anyway, nice work Byrd! I'm glad that you're using the old Mileena timeline and Kitana seems to be quite the character!

The way you described Ermac's reaction to their immaturity made me laugh so hard :laugh:

I hope Shang Tsung is awesome too =D

strange you kept thinking of tuna

but trust me Shang Tsung will be an "Interesting" character
Brotherhood of Shadow? Black Dragon? Lin Kuei? Tekunin? Who the hell are those guys who dare to lay hands on them?
I hate to say this but i'm alternating between two stories from mk vs sf to this it sucks i know but when i finish mk vs sf i'll be focusing full time on this till my next story
If you start getting lazy I'm gonna be pissed off. NS just gave me a super long wait for a new chapter of Scorpion's Illegal Adventure, ok?
I...I feel funny.
Kitana's heart may have skipped two beats when the mysterious intrude pulled her back. She quickly turned around and discovered it was none other than Ermac.

“Ermac!” Kitana exclaimed.

“Keep your voice down.” Ermac warned the rebels have returned.

“You mean the ones from Gran Terra?” Kitana questioned

“The only ones capable of invading the palace.” the amalgamate comfirmed

“Is everyone alright?” Jade said rushing in.

“Yes the princesses are safe.” Ermac replied

“Good cause the guards can't take em by themselves.” Jade noted

“They need our help and fast!”

“Alright lets repel these invaders. And Kitana you stay here.” Ermac commanded to a over eager Kitana who already had finish putting on her kunoichi garments.

“pfft fine” Kitana regrettably said blowing wind through her lips as she fell on her bed.

“Mileena can you at least tell me why you get to have all the fun?” she begged

“*sigh* Trust me sis if you truly knew what was going on you would be glad in the shoes you were in now.” Mileena said after she finished putting her ninja garments on.

“Well can you at least tell me why I'm your sister for pete's sake.” Kitana pleaded. Mileena stared at her sister for awhile until Jade rested her hand shoulder as a reminder of the situation.

“When the time comes I'll tell you.” Mileena assured as she along with the two bodyguards leaped out of the window head on into the attackers drawing out two sais from her sleeves before meeting headlong with the hooded attackers while a envious Kitana watched from above.

“This is just dandy everyone is defending the castle why I have to stay in here looking like a weakling. Could my life get any worse?” Kitana said to herself. As the aggravated girl looks from her window a loud boom comes from her ceiling startling her.

“The hell!?” she shouted as a similer hooded foe drops down in front of her drawing out two blades from it's conceiling sleeves.

“Well maybe this night won't be so boring after all.” Kitana remarked on a smug tone. The assailant lunges at her attempting to gore the dame, but Kitana rolls out of the way and pulls two short knives from under her bed and moves out of the way just in time as the assassin bisects the mattress along with the steel base it was resting on as well.

“THAT WAS MY BED YOU JACKASS!!!!”Kitana screamed as she charges her foe and strikes at him several times all of them are blocked however and ambiguous attacker jumps back and charges again. The foe thrusts out his bladed arm which Kitana narrowly dodges it but is nicked on her shoulder which nabs her attention long enough to lead her wide open for potential impalement by the attackers free arm. The would be killer thrusts his blade at the vulnerable princess yet in half a second Kitana redirects the arm with on of her short knives while she pointed the other directly at the aggressor's throat.

“You picked the wrong girl to mess with.” Kitana stated as the hooded figure's eyes glared down at it's rebuked blade, now caught in between what is revealed to be a bladed war fan.

“Any last words?” She finished as she expanded the knife at the throat into a fan causing the foe to flinch,it was identical to the one that has ensnared the it's blade into the wooden floor. Kitana knew one day In desperation the attacker jumps back, pulling it's blade out of the ground and recklessly charges Kitana who responds by lobbing her fans at the intruder. It knocks one fan out of the way but is struck in the chest with the second fan, yet this does not heed it's momentum as it grapples the Princess and leaps through the the three story window shattering it and alerting everyone who was currently locked in a fight

“KITANA!!” Mileena screeched in horror as her sister was locked in a freefall struggle with one of the many assassins that she herself has slewed before blocking another blow in time from another attacker and promptly slashes open her opponent's throat killing it before she made a mad dash for her sister. Many of the attackers would attempt to get in her way. She responds by running even faster as her eyes turned bright gold and her pupils morphed into cat like slits suddenly she propelled herself like a high powered missile at untraceable speeds blowing the invaders out of the way as she dashed to her sisters aid. Kitana struggles to get free even goes as far as to ripping the bladed fan out of it's chest, closing it, then repeatedly stabbing it in the neck and shoulder yet it ceased to stop it's wrangling of the princess. The seemingly undying attacker draws back it's blood covered blade ready to run the girl through, until a halbard flies from the distance striking the invader through the skull wit it's spear tip sticking the already mangled attacker to the stone wall finally killing the latter although it doesn’t solve Kitana's falling problem. That solution comes when green energy wraps around her halting her rapid descent. Ermac was responsible for this as he lowered his arm with the enveloping energy slowly eased her to the ground in tandem just low enough for her to stand on her two feet.

“Kitana are you all right?” Jade said rushing to her aid.

“Yeah I’m fine...” Kitana answered.

“What happened?” Mileena asked catching her breath.

“I was watching yall when that bastard stuck on the wall up there came through the ceiling and attacked me.”

“It seems like they are now becoming more coordinated in their attacks.” Ermac notes

“Yet it troubles us there is no way they could have slipped through without the initial security system detecting them it's as if they were..”

“CRAP BEHIND YOU!!” Kitana yells, seeing a airborn invader in the air ready to pounce on an unsuspecting Ermac, however a massive blunt object smashes into it's side so hard it's entire torso is obliterated and torn to shreds leaving a bloody mess in it's wake shocking the four. Behind the splattered mess it revealed a highly dark armored figure dwarfing everyone present armed with a intimidating warhammer, soaked in the blood of it's latest victim the large man looked down specifically at Kitana with a strangely calm glare as opposed to his frightening stature.

“Eh heh.” Kitana nervously chuckled

“H...hh..hi dad.”

im thinking about taking jinkos advice and post pics of the characters some time soon to show yall my twist on the characters
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well lik i said I will occasionally post drawings of each chararacter present in this story and to start it off the two main stars.



ill put in the bios sometime later