A New Warrior


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layla had been working since 7am an her shift seemed like the longest ever ."hi how are you doing?" as a customer brought her stuff up to the counter."good thanks" they replied. "that is $5.21" as she placed the last item into the bag. "keep the change" the customer said handing her $6.00 . "have a good day". as the customer walked off. "wow it is only 10 am an i feel as if I have been here since yesterday" she told jo as he walked up to help with the next customer. "I know it is a slow day" he replied.
"break time" her supervisor said "yay" as she signed off the register.
"whoa did you see that?" layla ask noting the strange dark clouds gathering outside.
"that is weird" joe replied looking it looks like a bad storm brewing"
"i never seen any clouds like that before" she said as they started swirling around an strange lights appeared ."whoa" as some creatures started running towards the store killing everyone that got in their way. "ok we have got to get out of here" she said grabbing jo's arm an leading him to the back of the store.
"what are those things?" jo asked. running right behind her.
"I don't know" she said slamming the door behind them "I have a feeling we do not want to find out".
"you are right" a voice she never heard before responded.
"who are you an how did?" she ask
"I am raiden an you are in danger you must come with me" he said holding out his hand.
"I am not going anywere with you til you tell us what is going on" she demanded.
"we have no time " he said with urgency "if Bararka gets to you before I can get you to safety the future of this realm is over".
"what ?wait what does those creatures have to do with me "she asked.
"you my dear are the key to all this you must come with me ,I fear for your safety as well as your friends if you don't" he replied again holding out his hand just as the door came crashing down."GET HER!" Baraka ordered. as his minions came rushing toward her.
"STAY WERE YOU ARE!" Raiden demanded.
"or what " Baraka said coming closer.
"or this" Raiden replied sending some lightening bolts at him killing him instantly . "now will you come?" he said.
"yes"layla replied taking his hand watching as the rest of Baraka's minions ran back into the portal.
"we have much to talk about" he replied.
"I guess we do" layla responded as he took her through the portal were the rest of the warriors were setting up camp.
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