A Kombatant Idea

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Well, here goes the maced fellow.

Name: Kull Megen

Age: Unknown



Weight: 350 Pounds

Appearance: Clad in leather, Mongolian - like armor, this Revenant of the Netherrealm is a highly strong and large being, his face resembling Shao Kahn. He has a pair of maces, and he mostly uses them in his moves. His greyish skin and his eyes make him look like a zombie. He also has a sword, sheathed on his back. He also carries a set of throwing blades.

Fighting Style: A nameless style with features resembling Judo, Hung Gar and Choy Lay Fut.

Foes: Shao Kahn


Special Moves:

Human Bridge: Kull throws throwing knives at the opponent's feet, pinning them to the ground. He then kicks the enemy on the floor and smashes their head with his feet.

Vanish: Kull suddenly vanishes in a puff of smoke, and then reappears, mashing the opponent's head with one of his maces.

Conquering Agony: Kull throws a throwing knife at the enemy. The knife enters the opponent's stomach and suddenly turns into a ball of spikes which rapidly expands inside the opponent's body, impaling him from the inside. The knife then disappears.

Vertical Smash: Kull smashes the opponent's head with one of his maces.

X - Ray Moves:

Eye Gouge: Kull rips off the enemy's retina and then forces it into his mouth with his hand. Once his hand's inside the opponent's mouth, he grabs the jaw from the inside and crushes it with his hand.

Cranial Destroyer: Kull hits the enemy's liver with his mace, making the enemy lean forwards. He then grabs his other mace and hits the opponent's head with both at the same time from the sides, destroying the opponent's cranium.


Honorable Finisher: Kull grabs one of his maces and his sword. He hits the opponent in the stomach with his mace, raises them upwards as if the opponent was impaled on a mace, and then smashes him head down, completely destroying his head in a pool of gore. He then slices the enemy's waist, and kicks the groin, making the lower body fall down from the body.

Dishonorable Finisher: Kull throws one of his maces into the opponent's head, ripping it off. He then slices the enemy vertically and horizontally and then kicks the body, severing the body into four parts.

Last Prayer: Kull kicks the opponent to the ground and then pins him down with one of his maces. He then rips off the opponent's leg, and moves up to the opponent's head and hits it with the leg in a golf - like style which rips the head off and throws it away.


An old warrior, Kull Megen was a honorable soldier that fought against Shao Kahn's forces. He was caught, and he was personally tortured by Shao Kahn. Shao Kahn himself destroyed his head with his hammer.

Now an Amnesiac Revenant wandering the Netherrealm, Kull was somehow found by Shao Kahn and he was taken in as a Warrior to defend him. His memories came back when he saw Shao Kahn sitting on his throne - the last thing he saw before Shao Kahn killed him with his hammer. He attacked Shao Kahn, and was hammered out of a window - he somehow survived the fall. When he heard of the Mortal Kombat tournament, he immediately joined to kill Shao Kahn.
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sorry, that story is pretty generic, and it sounds like he would simply be a combination of characters we have already seen