A Highly Improbable Scenario (BBBLP verion)


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The rebellion is steadily growing. No matter how many are slaughtered, their numbers only flourish.
Baraka, leader of the loyal Tarkatans, defends his village from the constant ransack attempts made by the rebels. Baraka has not slept in four days, his village's supplies run low and so does morale.

Prior to these events Baraka decided the Tarkatans were more than guard dogs to be tossed at any challenger to the emperor. The other Tarkatans were blinded by their false sense of honor and loyalty. Baraka disemboweled a few of those who spoke out against his plan. He did this commonly to quell any attempts at swaying others against him. This time however, it did not work. Even after witnessing the execution of these warriors, other Tarkatans merely left the stronghold with revenge in their hearts.

Baraka finally lets his mortality get the best of him and he sleeps in his main tent. He awakens to the sound of low guttural gibberish. His eyes open to the sight of multiple rebels surrounding him. He jumps up and wildly swings his blades. Ripping and tearing the soft flesh of the unseasoned rebels. Their blades hardly pierce his flesh as only the strongest of Tarkatan warrior have their blades dipped into the molten iron. They still do damage however.

Baraka realizes he is vastly outnumbered and escapes into the Living Forest. No other Tarkatan dares follow him into the forsaken foliage. after what seems like hours of running, the battered and bruised Tarkatan sits down at the base of a tree. The tree speaks to Baraka in a very deep yet nonthreatening voice,

"Why have you come to these nightmarish woods my friend?"
To which the startled Baraka replies

"My people have forsaken me spirit of the wood. I have tried to set them on the glorious path, but they forsaken me. I know not what I can do." And after a long pause the tree bellows,

"Warrior of many battles, I shall bestow upon you a great power. One that has been fabled for many a century. I received it after devouring a small child with a green shirt. I have no use for it. So it is yours my friend."

The tree coughs up a strange orb. Baraka reluctantly picks it up and carefully studies it. Upon pressing what seemed to be a button he was blinded by a flash of red light. When his focus was regained, he saw before him a hulking beast.

"Creature of the orb, I am now your master! Aid me in my plight! Join me in battle against those who have spat upon my name! Now tell me magnificent monster, what are you called?" The creature looked around, and said its name to the strange looking man before him.

Back at the Tarkatan stronghold, which is now under rebel control, a guard stand at his post. Keeping a watchful eye on the forest. He hears a whisper, something he can't quite make out.

"Lisstoy" He thinks he hears "Sue nidro lump"
As he turns towards the forest he is blasted with a force of water so strong it knocks his teeth from his mouth and launched them into his throat.

The beast triumphantly roars.

"SWARM HIM!" A guard yells to his brothers.

At Shao Kahn's fortress a shadow priest enters the Emperor's chambers.

"My lord! I am getting visions of your Tarkatan warriors being destroyed by Baraka!"

"How is this possible?! Baraka could never take on all those warriors on his own!"

"He is not alone my lord, he has some strange beast with him!"

"Hmm. He is not the idiot I once thought him to be. Send a squad of Shokan to deal with them."

"Ah yes my lord, but I am foreseeing their defeat. This beast is of unimaginable power. May I suggest a specialist? He is from another realm. He is an assassin of turtle like creatures. And he is no stranger to cruelty. He murdered the captor of his wife. But before he did that he slayed his children one by one."

"Yes. A ferocity like that could rival even Baraka's. Enlist him at once."

"Yes my lord"

Mario is relaxing at his house, watching Toad play with Yoshi in his yard when all of a sudden he blacks out. He then awakens at the feet of the Shadow Priest.

"Brave warrior, we need your assistance at once. An evil monster is attacking our friends and we need a hero! Will you help us?"

Mario looks around for a while and then nods. The Shadow Priest shows Mario the location of the Tarkatan Stronghold and sends him on his way. When Mario arrives he is stunned at the sight of bodies littering the mud floor. Everything was covered in either blood, water or a mixture of both. Then he sees it.

Blastoise stepping out of the main tent with Baraka riding on top of him. Blastoise readies his canons. Mario says "**** this", blows his whistle and goes back to his house. Then Baraka & Blastoise tear apart the legacy that is Shao Kahn.

The mother ducking End
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Awesome! You'll be getting a lot of points for this one!

Score: Nine Points!

It was hilarious, and awesome, and everything I wanted the challenge thread to help achieve. The only thing that could have been better was Blastoise and Mario perhaps gaining a bit more screen time (or would it be page time?).
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