A fighting game based on politics


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Would anyone here besides me like a MK-like fighting game pitting politicians against one another?

Such a game should have fatalities, intros and outros (like in MKX), and a "create a fighter" mode that allows players not to play as politicians. I was thinking it should be based mostly on US politics, but then again, there are politicians and political parties all over the world, all equally worthless, so no need to limit this to the US.

The question is, who should be the final boss? Should it be any real-life politician, or someone completely made up?
If it's about LGBT equality or about fighting against the cruel prejudism and body fascism in the gay community then I'm down for it. Other than that, no.
That terrible concept has been done before in the form of random flash games. I mean, it may seem "funny" for like 5 minutes, but it's not something that appealing in the long run.
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This is by far the worst idea I have ever heard. Even worse than DBZSFXTekkenfan whatever he was called.