A Fan Meets Her Hero

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Hello My name is Stacy Madison Montez. I go to a Technological job, me and my sister live together in New York City. My Sister Allyson Julia Montez goes by the name "Paris Monroe. She poses for a business company called Pretty Girls, Pretty lame huh? Well Im 19and she's 20. Let me get to interesting part of this story, Well I end up in the hospital and i get to meet my #1 hero! Enjoy.

Stacy woke up at 5:00 washed her face, Brushed her teeth,and took a shower.
Stacy:Ally Wake up
Allyson:*Grumble Mumble*
Stacy:*Splashes Water* Haha
Allyson:Come on girl! you know how i need my Beauty Sleep!
Stacy:Well its time for your boring job!
Allyson:Ugh what...
Stacy:No i didn't make breakfast.
Allyson: ... I'm gonna...
Stacy:You go ahead and do that.
Allyson: ... *Blank Look on her Face*

*Sitting At the breakfast table*

Stacy: So today is my speech...
Ally:Stacy don't call me ally or allyson anymore please.
Stacy: So you want me to call you "Paris" your stage name?
Ally/Paris:Yup you got it.
Stacy: Well i need to borrow a dress and some make-up, please?
Paris: What kind of dress?
Stacy: Um I did like that Blue dress with white polka-dots.
Paris:Stacy Im gonna tell you this like a friend instead of a sister, You do know that your fat right so how are you gonna fit in my dress?
Stacy: Oh my god,I hate you!!!!
Paris: Over a damn dress,Stacy We're from North Carolina not princess land.
Stacy: You always do this! you can't be a sister for a damn second!!?!!? All you think about is that ****ing Modelling job of yours!!!!!
Paris: Its not like that!!!
Stacy runs her fingers through her black long hair.
Stacy:Im ****ing out of here!!
Paris: Stacy wait.

As Stacy left she called her job and gave an excuse.She pulled out a cigarette and starts smoking.
Stacy:Im just a Fat,Ugly,*****,
No one cares for me not even mom or dad.*puff*
Stacy: Im gonna get a burger.

Stacy threw her cigarette to the ground and stomped on it,then she started to cross the street when a zooming truck came she tried to dod it but it was just to fast.

Stacy was in the hospital, she woke up to hearing a sound like *beep beep*. It was either keeping track of her heart or her pulse, then she heard a voice talking.

Raiden: Hello Stacy.
Stacy:Who are you?
Raiden: Rub your eyes a little, then you'll recognize me.
Stacy did so.
Stacy:Oh my god Lord Raiden,Oh no im going crazy what type of medicine did they give me?
Raiden: Calm down, Even though i seem fake im real trust me.
Stacy: *Tried to sit up but felt pain all over.*
Raiden:You suffered pretty bad but you survived the crash.
Stacy: How?
Raiden: That i can't answer, but would you like to be healed?
Stacy:yes because my back...
Raiden:I get it,oh and i know that kitana is your favorite character and that you would love to meet her like she's your hero. Raiden said as he healed Stacy.
Stacy:Omg you are real! And yes
i really would wanna visit her.
Raiden:Lets go then.

Part2 will be provided