A bug which bugs me (oh the irony...)

Sub scorpion

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Sup noob(saibot)'s.

I noticed a bug which is kinda easy to fix...

Every time reptile wins he get's a mask glitch thing... you know i'll explain it in a different way:

1. Go to "Fight" and choose "Test Your luck"
2. Choose reptile WITH the mortal kombat 1 costume.
3. okay win the rounds.
4. now you will see him take his primary costume mask off, which he didnt even have on... and if it's not enough, the mask is BEHIND his hand after he grabbed it, and the mk1 mask is still on him, while he pukes some shizz.

Gay double mask's are gay.

EDIT: Also rain has no ****ing winning stance, he just keeps standing like he did...

and if you win with raiden, in headless combat, his cape covers his torso.

so yeah...


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Bugs that that cause minor visual distortions don't bother me. I'm more concerned with bugs that cause crashes or otherwise break games.
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