6 James Bond games on one disk. Its called James Bond 007 : Legends.

What do you think about this? Have you heard of it? The news of this announcement was shocking. Please give me your thoughts on this, and if you like Goldeneye 007 (Hopefully it will be in there, crosses fingers).
I hope 007 Nightfire is in there too. I have good memories from that game, it was really fun.
If it does have From Russia with Love and they somehow make the multiplayer online-compatible I will play that all day.

I have the game but no one to play it with and there are quite a few maps with jetpacks, gadgets, and vehicles.

There's a map where you can launch a nuke and it kills everyone on the map except you because you're in a protected room when you hit the switch. You just have to activate some things to activate the nuke so it was really damn fun.

The single player had a lot of replay-ablity too because the gameplay was so fun. I loved that "Bond Aim" system.