[56k Warning] HYPER Magazine featuring MK9, scans inside!


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I actually got these before they were shelved. They were sitting in a box at the back next to the storage room and I just picked one up. If you're Australian, go get your own HYPER Magazine. This is for the international folks out there.

EDIT: It was probably a bad idea to upload these images. I'd rather not put this site in jeopardy. Sorry guys.

Anyway, there was nothing new. Very similar to the EGM article. Pictures were the same as the Xbox Article.

EDIT: Well, here it is again. http://img14.imageshack.us/g/page1zu.png/
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To be honest, i dont see how there can be any legal problems for TRMK when they are not hosting the images on their server, its external. So no there should be no way they can be healed accountable. This is a public forum.


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Well just in case, I'm going to ask Pat or Jeff whether I'll be allowed to.