3d tvs and mortal kombat


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hay guys just would like to bring this topic up to see what people are thinking. Are 3d tvs worth buying for now? I know its new tech and all. I personally would want to wear the glasses all the time watching tv. But what about with mortal kombat 9? Would it be worth buying one for that game? Im sure it would be pretty cool seeing mileena jump at you in 3d when she win a match.


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I wouldn't buy a 3d Tv for MK9 alone; I don't have anywhere near that amount of cash just floating around lol; but its a bonus for the people that plan to buy MK9. Imagine those fatalities in 3D, it'll be pretty cool.


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I'm loving my 3DTV. Got an 82", and It's just like 3D In the theaters. And the 3D games? HOLY SH&^!!

MK's gonna look amazing In 3D!


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IF someone has a 3DTV out there, I hope y'all don't mind posting videos of MK9 gameplay when it's out.


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I have a samsung unc9000 and I love it but for gaming I find 3d distracting but I think it will be kool to can find some 3d tv's for under 2000 and I think that's pretty cheap considering when I bought my pioneer elite 55" 9 years ago it was 6500