2nd Fatalities for KP2


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sorry if these have already been posted, but i wanted to share them .

I wanted Leatherface to cut the victim vertically in half from crotch to face!!!

Alien should've shoved it's tail in the victim's rectum through the mouth like he did in another game!!!

For the Kombat Pack 2 though, these are the 2 I'm willing to try out.


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Man o Man...i really wish I could be apart of the Fatality round table! Even if they didn't use my ideas, just to be able to sit there and talk about what i got brewing in my head

[MENTION=4598]Nasty_Freak[/MENTION] you never disappoint! Always get a laugh or a cringe from your ideas!


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I know it's for a brutality instead, but I really wanted the chest burster to be apart of Alien's fatality. But I guess they had to do something that Baraka does in his fatalities.

Still a cool looking character though.